Create a strategy prototype:

Yes 5 scorecards
Yes 36 indicators per scorecard
Yes 2 users

Power users:

Data input users:

View-only users:



Suggestion Strategic planning: who needs to be involved?

Price per power user (annual billing)
US$ 69.95 / user / month
US$ 144.09 / user / month
Minimum power user quantity
Price per data input user (annual billing)
US$ 11.67 / user / month
US$ 11.67 / user / month
View-only users
Customer service and training Customer service and training
Onboarding tutorials
Self-learning tools (strategy wizard, automatic quality check for KPIs and strategy map)
Customer support by email
Online training sessions
Available for purchase
BSC Designer Specialist certification
Available for purchase
Consulting within Strategy Implementation System
Available for purchase
Available for purchase
Developing custom integrations
Available for purchase
Data Governance Data Governance
Hosted securely on DigitalOcean platform (AICPA SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS)
Formal cybersecurity program implemented (2FA, vulnerability testing, ‘least privilege’ practice, data encryption, intrusion detection, cybersecurity training, etc.)
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Data localization compliance (regional droplet selection in the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, India, or Australia)
Secure storage for strategy-related documents
5 GB
100 GB
RESTFull API (API calls per hour per power user)
100 calls / hour
500 calls / hour
Account data backup/restore
Audit trail for general activity and values of KPIs
1 year
Lock historical data
Approvals automation
Private cloud (deployment on Digital Ocean or similar platforms, available for annual subscriptions)
Available for purchase


Automation for all steps of the strategy implementation system
Document storage
Access to Premium Templates (quickly define a strategy for additional focus areas such as cybersecurity, procurement, or corporate governance)
Customization (logo, profiles for dashboards, performance formulas, reports)
Roles according to the strategic planning process (view-only users, data input users, power users, administrators)
Calculation of the scorecards
KPIs KPIs: Setup
Multilevel KPIs. Aligning KPIs with goals.
Measurement units (quantitative, qualitative, natural-choice, binary)
Update intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)
Aggregation types (sum, average, accumulated, etc.)
Different views for the KPIs table (performance, budgets, updates, initiatives, custom views)
KPIs: Calculation KPIs: Calculation
Relevant/absolute weights
Calculation of indicator’s dynamic
Performance formulas (minimization, maximization, binary, etc.)
Aggregation by periods (months, quarters, years, etc.)
Inherited data for periods without specifically entered data
Leading/lagging indicators
Calculations for containers/groups of KPIs (average, sum, etc.)
KPIs: Data Sources KPIs: Data sources
Formulas with values/performance of other KPIs
External database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SAP Hana)
Import from spreadsheets
KPIs from other scorecards
Plugins (Zapier, Google Sheets add-on)
Generative AI
Strategy discussion and alignment Strategy Discussion
Cascading/alignment by perspectives (drag and drop scorecards in the strategy workspace)
Cascading/alignment by goals (copy and paste goals between scorecards to align)
Cascading/alignment by context (see the contextual connections on the Context tab)
Comments on the values of KPIs
Direct links to KPIs, dashboards, maps, initiatives
Capture ideas received by email to initiatives
Strategy map Live strategy maps
Adding goals, indicators, and initiatives directly via map
Cause and effect connections
Custom objects
Custom canvases
Export for presentation/print
Multiple maps per scorecard
1st generation Balanced Scorecard strategy map (four segments diagram)
Modern-format strategy map
Alerts Notifications
Assign owners for initiatives, KPIs, goals
Customize type of the notifications for owners
Notifications to external services (via webhooks)
Customisation and workflows Customization and workflows
User-defined templates
User-defined properties for the KPIs
Customizable fiscal year
Adjustable columns for KPIs table
Adjustable reporting profiles
Customizable workflow for the initiatives
Customizable measurement units
Customizable performance formulas
Templates for dashboard layouts
Reporting Reporting
Various reporting formats (HTML, PDF, Excel)
Scheduled reports by email
Reporting: profiles
Values report (all KPI values by dates)
Efforts vs. results report (combines leading and lagging indicators)
Action plan report (the list of the initiatives)
Cost of strategy report (the sum of the budgets of all initiatives)
Overview report (KPIs with key data tables and charts)
Dashboard report (a copy of a dashboard from the scorecard)
Strategy map (a copy of a strategy map from the scorecard)
Custom report profiles
Initiatives Initiatives
Align initiatives with goals/KPIs
Types (initiative, success factor, expected outcome, rationale, hypothesis, risk)
Statuses (comment, analysis, in progress, review, done)
Progress indicators
Budgets in different currencies
Earned Value calculation
Aligned documents, dependencies, timelines, owners
Visualization on the Gantt charts
Risk Risk Initiatives
Risk mitigation plans
Key Risk Metrics (KRIs)
BI Dashboards Dashboards
Charts and diagrams for indicators
Tables with filters for goals and initiatives
Gantt charts for initiatives
Visualizing trends (time and bar charts)
Embedding dashboards
Rights to view dashboards only
Global dashboard (data aggregated by owner from all scorecards)
Multiple dashboards per scorecards
Templates for dashboard layouts
Export to presentation/print
KPIs Analysis Analysis
Biggest gain/loss
Highest impact on performance (finding indicators with the highest absolute weight)
Forecast (linear prediction of the future values by using historical data)
Update time (finding indicators that were not updated on time)
Business frameworks and templates Templates for strategic planning
Balanced Scorecard
Stakeholder Analysis
Compliance Management
OKR – Objectives and Key Results
PESTEL – analysis of external factors
VRIO – analysis of competitive advantage
The Ansoff Matrix – business growth strategies
Five Forces – competitive analysis
30+ strategy and KPIs templates (quickly define a strategy for additional focus areas such as cybersecurity, procurement, or corporate governance)
Data Governance Data Governance
Hosted securely on DigitalOcean platform (AICPA SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS)
Formal cybersecurity program implemented (2FA, vulnerability testing, ‘least privilege’ practice, data encryption, intrusion detection, cybersecurity training, etc.)
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Data localization compliance (regional droplet selection in the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, India, or Australia)
Secure storage for strategy-related documents
Account data backup/restore
Audit trail for general activity and values of KPIs
Lock historical data (only in Enterprise plan)
Approvals automation (only in Enterprise plan)
Access rights
Private scorecards
View only/edit rights (for groups, scorecards, and specific indicators)
Rights to view dashboards only
Public scorecards

Payment Options

Available payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, or Invoice.

Supported Payment Methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common inquiries often raised by prospective buyers before acquiring BSC Designer.


For how long has BSC Designer been available in the market?
Here are some key facts about BSC Designer:

  • We started BSC Designer in 2004.
  • We are a distributed team with a presence in Europe, LATAM, and MENA regions.
  • Over 8,000 engaged users worldwide use BSC Designer.
  • BSC Designer has been growing organically, funded by users, without reliance on venture capital funding.
Do you update the software on a regular basis?
Yes, we regularly provide updates to improve the user experience in the software as well as in supporting materials related to the strategy planning domain.

We also invite users to share their needs and development ideas with us.

Do you have references from our country or business domain?

Here you have some public case studies that you can filter by country or business domain. Contact us to discuss more specific cases.

How does it compare to other strategic planning software?
BSC Designer is recognized as one of the leading software solutions for for strategic planning.

Our software automates the strategy description process through aligned strategy and functional scorecards. Essentially, it enables the strategy team to organize various strategy scorecards much like managing different files on your computer, each detailing various aspects of your strategy.

This approach not only facilitates independent work on sub-strategies but also enhances strategy alignment and promotes collaborative strategy development.

Learn about other challenges in procurement for strategic planning software.

What security measures are implemented?
You can find some publicly available details in the Privacy section of the Terms of Service, specifically in section “5. How we protect your information.”

Among all, the security measures include multi-factor authentication, ‘least privilege’ practice, data encryption in transit and at rest.

What slides are available for presenting BSC Designer to my team?

We have presentation slides available to introduce BSC Designer to your team. These slides cover topics such as strategy implementation, stakeholder involvement, specialized strategic planning software, and transitioning from spreadsheet-based strategies.


How many subscriptions does our organization require?
It depends on your approach to strategy. In this article, we discuss how to self-assess the current maturity level of the organization in strategic planning, estimate the users involved, and establish improvement goals.

What is the refund policy?
Refunds are available within 30 days of product purchase. We recommend checking out the free plan before placing an order.

How can we obtain a quote?
Please follow these steps to get an official quote:
1. Choose the number and type of subscriptions and click the “Submit Order” button.
2. Fill in the company details and select the payment method you plan to use.
3. Click the “Get Quote” button.

If the subscription is terminated, will we still have access to our scorecards?

When you cancel your paid subscription with BSC Designer, your subscription will be converted to the free plan. Data under the free plan is retained, meanwhile the account remains active (at least one active session within 6 months period).

We recommend backing up your scorecards before account cancelation or exporting scorecard data to Excel spreadsheet.


What is the typical implementation timeline for BSC Designer?

From technical point of view, signing-up with a new account takes just five minutes.

From business point of view, it depends on the organization. In our implementation guide we shared some typical time estimates.

Can we migrate our data from Excel or another tool to BSC Designer?
While Excel is a great tool for prototyping strategy, specialized strategic planning software is better equipped to handle the challenges of strategic planning.

The easiest way to import existing strategies is by utilizing the Excel/CSV import function.

Can we link our KPIs to the data in other tools we use?
Certainly! In BSC Designer, you have several ready-to-use data connectors, along with a RESTful API that simplifies connecting to external data sources. You can explore these options further through this diagram of data sources.

Can we onboard the strategy team and assign permissions?
The tool offers effective methods to manage users and their access rights. Learn more about:

Can we cascade strategy across business units, departments, teams, and individuals?
In BSC Designer, you have strategy architecture based on aligned scorecards. Each business unit, department, team, or even individual can have their own strategy or functional scorecard, which can be interconnected with others through data or context.

You can learn more about the mechanics of alignment in this article.

Can we use Balanced Scorecard, OKR, or any other frameworks?
In the strategy workspace of BSC Designer, users can integrate various business frameworks.

  • Each supported framework offers its unique approach to decomposing complex business challenges into specific goals, measurements, and initiatives.
  • Within each framework template, you will find a link to a detailed guide on how to utilize it in the software.


What type of customer support is provided?
All subscriptions come with email-based customer support and access to pre-recorded onboarding tutorials.

Additionally, the Enterprise subscription includes online training sessions. See the plans comparison table for details.

Do you offer “Specialist” or “Partner” certifications?
We offer:

  • BSC Designer Specialist certification to formally assess skills in using BSC Designer software.
  • BSC Designer Partner certification to assist strategy consultants in delivering value through strategy automation.

You can find more details on the certification page.

Do you offer consultancy services for strategy implementation?
We’ve developed our proprietary strategy implementation system. You can explore it through our free materials or contact us for a personalized consultancy offer.