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Free plan for small projects.

US$ 0.00


Power users:

US$ 321.77 / month

Standard (starts from 1 user)

  • Unlimited scorecards, unlimited indicators
  • Unlimited number of view-only users
  • User manual with onboarding tutorials
  • Customer support by email
  • 1 online training session
  • Help migrating data from a spreadsheet to BSC Designer

Executive (starts from 9 users)

Enterprise (starts from 25 users)

Payment Options

Available payment options: Credit Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, or Invoice.

Supported Payment Methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some typical questions that people ask before buying BSC Designer.

How many licenses does our organization need?

The answer depends on many factors such as:

  • The number of employees directly involved in the Balanced Scorecard and the discussions around strategy.
  • Planned use of the software (KPIs only or full-cycle from strategy discussions to performance measurements and reporting).

We have discussed some of these nuanced in this article here. Also, you can find more information about possible implementation and cascading models for the Balanced Scorecard in this article.

What View-Only users can do?

BSC Designer Online subscription includes unlimited number of view-only users. View-only users can have view-only access to the scorecards (all tabs). Administrator of the account can decide about rights for specific view-only user.

For the BSC Designer PRO the view-only users are provided via freeware tool BSC Designer Reader.

As it follows from their type name, view-only users cannot introduce any change to the scorecard.

How do I move my data from the free account to the paid one?

If the account and subscription emails match, then our system will convert your free account to the paid one automatically. If not, you will need to enter the received subscription code into the subscription textbox.

Your free account will become a paid account, and all your data will be there.

Can I get pricing in local currency?
The prices in the price calculator are in US dollars. Click on the “Buy Now” button to get to the ordering page of our eCommerce partner, PayPro Global. There you will see the prices in your local currency, applicable taxes, as well as the payment methods available for your country.

Can I have a refund?
Refunds are available within 30 days of product purchase. We recommend checking out the free plan before placing an order.

Will I have an invoice for my purchase?

Yes, our eCommerce provider will generate an official PDF invoice for you.

How can we get a quote?
Please follow these steps to get an official quote:
1. Choose the number and type of licenses and click the “Buy Now” button.
2. Fill in the company details and select the payment method you plan to use.
3. Click the “Get Quote” button.

Can BSC Designer Online be installed on-premise?

The SaaS model of BSC Designer Online is the most popular one.

It is also possible to install BSC Designer Online on private cloud hosted by Digital Ocean or similar platform. This option is available for the annual subscriptions starting from 10 power users. Contact BSC Designer team for more information.

Do you update software regularly?
Yes, we do regular updates to improve user experience.
How long is BSC Designer on the market?

We started BSC Designer in 2004. The software is regularly updated with new features.

Do you have clients from my country/business domain?

Here you have some public case studies that you can filter by country or business domain. Contact us to discuss more specific cases.

How does BSC Designer stand among Balanced Scorecard software?
BSC Designer is recognized as one of the best software solutions for the Balanced/Business Scorecards. Check out these video reviews to get an impression of how other Balanced Scorecard software tools feel like.

What are the maintenance costs for a subscription?
For the subscription plans, all maintenance costs are already included in the price.

Will I have access to my scorecards if stop my subscription?
When you cancel your subscription with BSC Designer Online, the account data will be deleted after a short period of time. We recommend backing up your scorecards before account cancelation or export scorecard data to Excel spreadsheet.