Advanced KPIs Properties in BSC Designer

Use advanced functions for KPIs: specify update interval, define values grouping, change value inheritance and stop-lights properties.

Update Interval

For any KPI on the scorecard an update interval can be adjusted:

  1. Select a KPI
  2. Click Values Editor
  3. Find Update interval type settings:
  4. Select required update interval and click OK

Practical tips:

  • In the Update Interval dialog you can use the Select indicators option to change update interval for many indicators at once.
  • It is possible to change the update interval that the software uses by default for the new indicators, do this via menu Tools > Options > Default KPI update interval

Value Inheritance

Value inheritance defines whether the software will use previous values for the new dates, or if it will use only entered values.

For example: there is a value of 21% for a KPI for September 1. Then user selects September 5th in the calendar.

  • If the inheritance is active the software will display 21% as a value for September 5, and will calculate the performance;
  • If the inheritance is disabled the software won't display any data for September 5, and won't calculate the performance;

To adjust inheritance settings:

  • For specific indicators: select an indicator, click onto the Values Editor button on the toolbar, use the Values inheritance option.
  • For global settings: select Values inheritance in Tools > Options menu.

Data Grouping

BSC Designer allows grouping data by time periods.

The way the software groups the data is defined individually for each indicator via the Group by option. To adjust the Group by option:

  1. Select an indicator
  2. Click onto the Values Editor button on the toolbar
  3. Use the Group by drop list