3 Perspectives to Measure Leadership Effectiveness

Learn how to measure leadership effectiveness with KPIs grouped into three perspectives – Strategy, Team, and Leader’s Growth.  Key topics of the article: Definition of leadership Is Leadership Measurable? Framework to assess leadership effectiveness Perspective 1 – Strategy Perspective 2 – Team Perspective 3 – Growth Technical setup for KPIs Executive summary Definitions of Leadership … Read more

Complexity Metrics and Examples of How to Use Them

The way the complexity is perceived by customers defines whether your product or service will be a success or not. In this article, we’ll discuss how to find indicators of complexity and align them with business context. The “Complexity” Term Let’s start with the term itself. The definition of complexity depends on the domain and … Read more

Success Factors and Leading Metrics vs. Lagging Indicators

Understanding the difference between leading and lagging indicators is important for successful performance measurement. This time the users of BSC Designer helped us to define the main theme for the article by asking excellent questions. Thank you for that! Here are key topics: The difference between leading and lagging indicators What are good leading metrics … Read more

Example of Using KPI Step-by-Step System

Good KPIs take into account business context, predict success, show early warning signals, validate achieved results, and for sure, they are accepted by your team. This time-proven system will guide you step-by-step towards excellent KPIs that are right for your business. The steps of the system are not presented in hierarchical order. Instead, I’m following … Read more

KPIs and Scorecard Calculation – Complete Guide

Introduction to the scorecard and KPIs calculations: Terms and definitions: metric, indicator, KPIs, scorecard Qualitative and quantitative indicators How to normalize metrics? How to use metric’s weight for calculations? How to calculate the leading and lagging indicators, goals’ performance, and total scorecard index. What is The Right Term: KPI, Indicator or Metric? From a business … Read more