Performance Reports for KPIs, Goals, and Initiatives

Generate reports with various views on scorecard performance: overview, action plans, costs of strategy.

Generate a Report for the Scorecard

To generate a report please follow these steps:

  1. Open a scorecard
  2. Select Report menu
  3. Select one of the options:
  4. Generate Reports with BSC Designer Online

    • Cost of Strategy - a summary of all initiatives with budget and duration data
    • Efforts vs. Results - a report with data of the leading and lagging indicators
    • Action Plan - a report with goals, initiatives, and persons responsible
    • Values - a report with the values of all indicators from the scorecard
    • Overview - a report with all the details about your KPIs and their performance
    • Customize - use this option to create your own reports.
  5. Follow the link to open a generated report.

HTML report in BSC Designer

Any HTML report can be converted into an Adobe PDF document using any of free PDF printers available.

Charts in BSC Designer Online

To access charts and diagrams in BSC Designer Online open a scorecard, go to the KPIs tab and select any container or indicator. The chart element is displayed on the right.

Besides having a chart you have several drop lists.

Charts in BSC Designer

  • Group by has two drop lists that define information reporting interval (by day, by month, etc.) and summary type (average, sum, etc.)
  • Chart type - select the chart that you want to display right now
  • Leading/lagging - select to display leading or lagging part of the data (available for containers only)

Details about Charts and Diagrams

BSC Designer Online supports several types of chart.

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