Performance Reports for KPIs, Goals, and Initiatives

Generate reports with various views on scorecard performance: overview, action plans, costs of strategy.

Generate a Report for the Scorecard

To generate a report please follow these steps:

  1. Open a scorecard
  2. Select Report menu
  3. Select one of the options:
  4. Generate Reports with BSC Designer Online

    • Cost of Strategy - a summary of all initiatives with budget and duration data
    • Efforts vs. Results - a report with data of the leading and lagging indicators
    • Action Plan - a report with goals, initiatives, and persons responsible
    • Values - a report with the values of all indicators from the scorecard
    • Overview - a report with all the details about your KPIs and their performance
    • Dashboard - a report with all dashboards of the scorecard
    • Strategy map - a report with all strategy maps of the scorecard
    • Customize - use this option to create your own reports.
  5. Follow the link to open a generated report.

Charts in BSC Designer Online

To access charts and diagrams in BSC Designer Online open a scorecard, go to the KPIs tab and select any container or indicator. The chart element is displayed on the right.

Besides having a chart you have several drop lists.

Charts in BSC Designer

  • Group by has two drop lists that define information reporting interval (by day, by month, etc.) and summary type (average, sum, etc.)
  • Chart type - select the chart that you want to display right now
  • Leading/lagging - select to display leading or lagging part of the data (available for containers only)

Details about Charts and Diagrams

BSC Designer Online supports several types of chart.

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