Performance Reports for KPIs, Goals, and Initiatives

Generate reports with various views on scorecard performance: overview, action plans, costs of strategy.

Access Reports

To access Reports dialog:

  1. Open a scorecard
  2. Click Report
Reports dialog will be displayed:

Generate a Report for the Scorecard

To generate a report:

  1. Select one of the options:
  2. Generate Reports with BSC Designer

    • Values - a report with the values of all indicators from the scorecard
    • Cost of Strategy - a summary of all initiatives with budget and duration data
    • Efforts vs. Results - a report with data of the leading and lagging indicators
    • Action Plan - a report with goals, initiatives, and persons responsible
    • Strategic plan - a report with mission, vision, core values, strategic themes
    • Overview - a report with all the details about your KPIs and their performance
    • Dashboard - a report with all dashboards of the scorecard
    • Strategy map - a report with all strategy maps of the scorecard
    • Customize - use this option to create your own reports.
  3. Follow the link to open a generated report.

Create a New Report Profile

To create a new report profile:

  1. In the Profile droplist select any existing report to use it as a starting point
  2. Apply necessary filters
  3. Add/remove necessary columns or rows:
    • Select a report field and click Right arrow button to add it to the profile columns
    • Select a report field from the Data group and use Left arrow button to add it to the report rows
  4. Click OK button to save profile

Modify Existing Profiles

To modify custom profiles:

  1. Select Customize in the Profile droplist
  2. Use arrows to change the position of profile
  3. Use Edit button to modify the settings of the profile

Schedule Regular Reports

Receive reports regularly by email:

  1. Select any report profile from Profile droplets
  2. Click Schedule button
  3. Specify sending frequency
  4. Specify the recipient of the report
  5. Click OK to save

Charts in BSC Designer

To access charts and diagrams in BSC Designer open a scorecard, go to the KPIs tab and select any container or indicator. The chart element is displayed on the right.

Besides having a chart you have several drop lists.

Charts in BSC Designer

  • Group by has two drop lists that define information reporting interval (by day, by month, etc.) and summary type (average, sum, etc.)
  • Chart type - select the chart that you want to display right now
  • Leading/lagging - select to display leading or lagging part of the data (available for containers only)

Details about Charts and Diagrams

BSC Designer supports several types of chart.

  • Time chart. The chart shows how the value of the KPI changes over time. On the chart, the baseline and target values are displayed as well.
  • Performance and Progress. These charts show how the performance and progress value for the selected KPI are changing over a period of time.
  • Gauge diagram. Displays the values of the KPI for the date selected in the calendar. The baseline and target values are displayed as well.
  • Pie. A Pie diagram is useful when you need to compare the performance of several KPIs in one container or in several top container.
  • Table. Values table shows a date and respective KPI value for these dates.
  • Weight. This chart shows the weights of all KPIs within a selected container.
  • Risk. The chart visualizes the impact (weight) and probability (value).
  • Radar. The chart for the containers that visualises performance, baseline and target of the child indicators.