Get Your Data into the Balanced Scorecard from Excel Spreadsheet

With BSC Designer Online you can access business information from several data sources, including Excel Spreadsheet and SQL database.

Video Tutorial: Import Data from Excel

Import from MS Excel Spreadsheet

1. Go to your account in BSC Designer Online. Open a scorecard where you want to import some data.

2. Go to the "KPIs" tab.

3. Click on a "Tools" menu, select "Import Indicator Values" option.

4. Select "Import from MS Excel document". Optional: reuse previously saved import profiles from the "Load settings from profile:" drop list.

5. Click the "Next" button.

Data import wizard in BSC Designer Online

6. Upload MS Excel file or select one uploaded before. You can use this example Excel project.

7. The name of the uploaded file will be displayed, click the "Next" button.

Excel file selected in BSC Designer Online data import dialog

8. BSC Designer reads the file and shows the list of available spreadsheets. Choose a spreadsheet from the list and click the "Next" button.

BSC Designer Online loaded data from Excel Spreadsheet

9. On the next step mark the column that contains values, the column that contains dates, the column that contains target values (if any), and so on.

10. Click the "Next" button to preview the results.

11. To reuse this import profile later check the "Save settings as ..." check box. Click the "Finish" button to finalize data import.


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