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BSC Designer Light is a freeware edition of popular Balanced Scorecard software BSC Designer. Start with your KPI scorecard at no cost!

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Requirements: Windows 10

License: Freeware

Download BSC Designer Light - Free Edition of BSC Designer PRO

What’s Inside?

BSC Designer Light is an affordable (=free) tool for the KPI scorecards. Here are the key functions you have there.

KPI Name and Measure Units Settings

BSC Designer Light allows changing KPI name and measure units

KPI Data Management: Current Value, Baseline, Target

Change KPI baseline and target in BSC Designer Light

KPI Weight and Performance Calculations

Calculating weight of KPI and its performance with BSC Designer Light

Support of Leading/Lagging Indicators

Leading and lagging KPIs in BSC Designer Light

Update Interval Support

Selecting update interval for KPIs in BSC Designer Light

KPI Inheritance

KPIs Inheritance Settings in BSC Designer Light

Charts and Diagrams

Performance charts in BSC Designer freeware

Stop-lights Settings

Settings for the stop lights in BSC Designer Light

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to them.

Can I design a Balanced Scorecard with BSC Designer Light?

Strictly speaking, it deals with KPI scorecard. The Balanced Scorecard framework implies that you have a strategy map. With this freeware software you can automate measurement part of the Balanced Scorecard.

Are there four perspectives?

Yes you have the standard four perspectives, and you can add more if needed.

How is it better than a scorecard in Excel?

Before we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using specialized software compared to spreadsheets. A short answer: it’s much easier to get started. Also, if one day you decide to scale your scorecard, it will be easy to move your scorecard from freeware tool to PRO/Online.

What functions of PRO are available in Light?

You have all functions needed to create a KPI scorecard and calculate its performance. There are also Initiatives that one can use to align action plans with KPIs.

How to uninstall BSC Designer Light?

Click Start, then find “BSC Designer” group, then select “Uninstall.”

Are there product training?

There are video tutorials for BSC Designer PRO, the videos related to the KPIs are relevant for the Light edition as well.

Does it deal with leading and lagging KPIs?

Yes, you can change the KPI type on the “Context” tab, the software will calculate the leading and the lagging performance of the containers separately.

What functions of PRO are NOT available in Light?

Strategy Maps, Dashboards, Analysis, Alerts. It makes sense to mention that in BSC Designer Online, there is a team work functionality as well.

When should we upgrade to PRO/Online?

Beyond budget aspect, it makes sense to upgrade when you plan to build a real Balanced Scorecard with strategy maps (see some examples here) and you plan to involve more members of your team.

Is upgrading to PRO/Online easy?

Yes, as all tools use the same .bsc file format.

How can I get the freeware BSC Designer Light?

See the download button in the beginning of this page.

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