KPIs in BSC Designer Online

BSC Designer Online provides a wide range of means for managing of KPIs. In the BSC Designer Online you have a "KPIs" tab where you can add all of your performance indicators.

Video Tutorial: Setup KPIs Step-by-Step

Customize Columns of KPI Table

Customize Columns setting in KPI table

Use the Columns setting in BSC Designer to customize columns of the KPI table according to your needs.

  1. Open any scorecard
  2. Select the Columns command in Tools menu
  3. Select columns to display

Creating a New KPI

Select an indicator that will be a container for a new KPI. Use "Add..." button on the toolbar to create a new indicator. The software will show several options:

The Properties of an Indicator

Select any indicator in the list of KPIs. The software will display properties of the indicator below.

KPI in BSC Designer Online

General tab:

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Data tab: Performance tab:

Performance and progress in BSC Designer

Respectively to the max/min pair the performance of the KPI is calculated using the formula: Performance = (Value - mn) / (mx - mn). Respectively to the baselines/target pair the progress of the KPI is calculated: Progress = (Value - Baseline) / (Target - Baseline).

Video Tutorial: The Difference Between Progress and Performance

Context tab:

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