Managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in BSC Designer

Create new KPIs, adjust their settings, input KPI data, specify measurement scale, and optimization function.

For more information about KPIs, check out this article.

Creating a New KPI

Add new KPI button
  1. Select an indicator that will be a container for a new KPI
  2. Use Add button

Manual Data Entry

To enter data manually follow these steps:

  1. Select or create any indicator
  2. If needed change an update interval
  3. Select appropriate date in the calendar
  4. Enter a new numeric value into the Value field

Alternatively, you can select any indicator and click onto the Values Editor button on the toolbar.

The Properties of an Indicator

Select any indicator in the list of KPIs. The software will display properties of the indicator below.

General Tab

KPI in BSC Designer Online

Data Tab

Performance Tab

Performance and progress in BSC Designer

Respectively to the max/min pair the performance of the KPI is calculated using the formula: Performance = (Value - mn) / (mx - mn). Respectively to the baselines/target pair the progress of the KPI is calculated: Progress = (Value - Baseline) / (Target - Baseline).

Context Tab


Stop-lights are cycles of different colors that are displayed next to the performance and progress values. The stop-lights help to quickly identify the state of the indicators. Stop-light colors can be customized for an indicator:

  1. Open a scorecard in BSC Designer Online
  2. Go to the KPIs tab and select an indicator
  3. Select Stop-lights settings in Tools menu
  4. Enter new values for the stop-lights, check the Enabled checkbox and click OK:
  5. Custom stop-lights in BSC Designer

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