KPIs in BSC Designer Online

BSC Designer Online provides a wide range of means for managing of KPIs. In the BSC Designer Online you have a "KPIs" tab where you can add all of your performance indicators.

Video Tutorial: Setup KPIs Step-by-Step

Creating a new KPI

Select an indicator that will be a container for a new KPI. Use "Add..." button on the toolbar to create a new indicator. The software will show several options:

The properties of an indicator

Select any indicator in the list of KPIs. The software will display properties of the indicator below.

KPI in BSC Designer Online

General tab:

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Data tab: Performance tab:

Performance and progress in BSC Designer

Respectively to the max/min pair the performance of the KPI is calculated using the formula: Performance = (Value - mn) / (mx - mn). Respectively to the baselines/target pair the progress of the KPI is calculated: Progress = (Value - Baseline) / (Target - Baseline).

Video Tutorial: The difference between Progress and Performance

Context tab:

Video Tutorial: Indicators on strategy map


Initiatives in BSC Designer

In the list of KPIs, there is a column "Initiatives." Click on the button in this column to access initiatives for the KPI.

Video Tutorial: Initiatives for the indicators and goals

Initiatives for the KPIs have the following properties:

Update interval

For any KPI on the scorecard an update interval can be adjusted:

  1. Open any scorecard and go to the KPIs tab
  2. Select a KPI
  3. Select "KPI Update Interval" command in "Tools" menu
  4. Update interval dialog will appear:
  5. Update interval dialog

  6. Select required update interval and click "OK"

Video Tutorial: Update interval for indicators

Practical tips:

Manual data entry

To enter data manually follow these steps:

Alternatively, you can select any indicator and click onto the "Values Editor" button on the toolbar.

Video Tutorial: Data input in BSC Designer

Value inheritance

Value inheritance defines whether the software will use previous values for the new dates, or if it will use only entered values.

For example: there is a value of 21% for a KPI for September 1. Then user selects September 5th in the calendar.

Video Tutorial: Value inheritance

To adjust inheritance settings:

Data grouping

BSC Designer allows grouping data by time periods.

Video Tutorial: Grouping of indicator values

The way the software groups the data is defined individually for each indicator via the Group by option. To adjust the "Group by" option:

  1. Select an indicator
  2. Click onto the "Values Editor" button on the toolbar
  3. Use the "Group by" drop list.


Stop-lights are cycles of different colors that are displayed next to the performance and progress values. The stop-lights help to quickly identify the state of the indicators. Stop-light colors can be customized for an indicator:

  1. Open a scorecard in BSC Designer Online
  2. Go to the KPIs tab and select an indicator
  3. Select "Stop-lights" settings in "Tools" menu
  4. Enter new values for the stop-lights, check "Enabled" checkbox and click "OK":
  5. Custom stop-lights in BSC Designer

Containers for KPIs

Any indicator that contains other indicators inside becomes a "container" in BSC Designer.

Video Tutorial: Container performance, leading, and lagging indicators

Creating containers

To create a container:

Container settings

Choose any container indicator to display its properties. Most of the settings will be exactly the same as for the KPI, but there are two properties specific for a container:

KPI container performance setting in BSC Designer Online

KPI container value setting in BSC Designer Online

The following options are available for the "Performance:"

The following options are available for the "Value":