BSC Designer – Strategy Planning Software

Deploy and execute your strategy with BSC Designer. Cascade high-level strategies into scorecards. Break them down further into goals, KPIs, risks, and initiatives.

Step 1 - Define vision and identify stakeholders.
Define the organization’s vision. Conduct a stakeholder analysis. Onboard the strategy team.
Step 2. Decomposition into Scorecards
Break down complex strategies into strategic and function scorecards.
Step 3. GRC & Functional Scorecards
Create supporting scorecards for GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance), procurement, business continuity, cybersecurity, etc.
Step 4. Decomposition into Goals, KPIs, Initiatives
Use appropriate business frameworks to break down complex goals into specific sub-goals, KPIs, risks, and initiatives.

Present BSC Designer to Stakeholders Present the BSC Designer to key stakeholders involved in strategic planning.

Empowering Strategies Worldwide

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Strategy Workspace

A workspace for your strategy. Cascade high-level strategies into strategic and functional scorecards.

A strategy workspace by BSC Designer: showcasing mission and vision, managing scorecards, and assigning access rights.

Make Your Goals Tangible by Defining KPIs

The software does all calculations, including normalization, weights, indexes, calculation of progress.
BSC Designer software does all necessary calculations of the KPI scorecard
An example of performance indicator in BSC Designer. Source: View Balanced Scorecard for HR online in BSC Designer Balanced Scorecard for HR.

Track Risks and Risk Treatment Initiatives

Identify and measure Risk icon in BSC Designer risks for strategic objectives.

Identify risks and risk treatment plans in BSC Designer
A risk diagram illustrating inherent, residual, and acceptable risks. Source: View Customer Service Strategy Scorecard online in BSC Designer Customer Service Strategy Scorecard.

Have Specific Action Plans to Execute Your Strategy

Upload documents, assign budgets, timelines and persons responsible for the initiatives to prepare the strategy for execution.

Initiative in BSC Designer software: status, budget, timeline
An example of the initiative in BSC Designer Source: View Balanced Scorecard for HR online in BSC Designer Balanced Scorecard for HR.

Create Strategy Maps Automatically

Present your strategy on one page automatically.
Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Example in BSC Designer
An example of the strategy map in BSC Designer. Source: View Balanced Scorecard for IT online in BSC Designer Balanced Scorecard for IT.

Combine Business Frameworks and Strategy Scorecard Templates

Align the results of various business frameworks in a single strategy workspace; use the built-in templates for different business challenges.

Comparison of strategic planning tools and frameworks by their role in strategic planning process and decomposition principle.

Align Scorecards Around Common Strategy

Align functional and strategy scorecards by data or by context to form a coherent strategy.

Align strategy and functional scorecard by normalized goals or shared context

Align governance scorecard, strategy and functional scorecards, as well as topical scorecards.

Find Performance Gaps, Predict Trends

Find KPIs that had the biggest gain/loss, the most important indicators, forecast metrics using historical data.
Analysis tab in BSC Designer software - find KPIs that need your attention

Make Faster Decisions with BI Dashboards

Customizable BI dashboards help to track important metrics.

BI dashboards in BSC Designer software
An example of the BI dashboard in BSC Designer. Source: View Customer Service Strategy Scorecard online in BSC Designer Customer Service Strategy Scorecard.

Keep Stakeholders Informed with Performance Reports

Customizable reports in HTML, PDF, Excel formats – view online or schedule sending by email.

Manage Strategies on Your Smartphone

BSC Designer adapts to smartphone screens for strategy presentation, data visualization, and input.

BSC Designer strategy workspace as displayed on a smartphone screen
A dashboard optimized for mobile view in BSC Designer
Tap on the Value field to edit it directly without the need to open scorecards

Data Governance

Share scorecards with your team; define if data entered by a user needs to be approved; control changes via audit trail.

Yes Two-Factor Authentication
Yes ‘View’ or ‘Modify’ Access Rights
(for scorecards, indicators, dashboards)
Yes Lock Historical Data
Yes Approval for Entered Data
Yes Audit Trail
Yes Data Localization Compliance
Yes Hosted securely on DigitalOcean Platform
(AICPA SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS)
Yes Formal Cybersecurity Program Implemented

Companies Across the Globe Trust BSC Designer

BSC Designer is used by business strategists, CEOs, educators, HRs, QA specialists. Customer stories…
BSC Designer BSC Designer product rating: 9/10 based on 102 reviews.

We find BSC Designer a very ergonomic and intuitive tool. It quickly adapts to your way to carry out the information analysis. It is simple, fast and effective.

BSC Designer helps to avoid using and maintaining home-made Excel sheets and produces professional results. Learn more >

This tool has contributed a lot as a strategic planning and operation management solution that enabled everyone to track results at real-time and achieve assigned goals.

It provides a dynamic approach to work-flow planning unlike using Excel spreadsheet. Learn more >

We have a very good experience with BSC Designer, as this instrument can facilitate the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard in our unit.

We have been trying to design a MS Excel spreadsheet but this approach proved to be more difficult. Learn more >

We use BSC Designer for measuring performance rather than effort.

BSC Designer has allowed us to evaluate results in more than one way. Now we can reward efforts that we are sure are creating the desired results. Learn more >

I was looking for a software for strategical planning for the company where I work, therefore we are looking for a way to implement the Balanced Scorecard.

I found BSC Designer, which is a very practical software. Learn more >

A great and practical option to deliver and keep a Balanced Scorecard.

We are a consulting firm and use BSC-Designer regularly to help our clients to visualize their strategy and keep control of their vital metrics. Learn more >

Key Features of BSC Designer Software

BSC Designer software has these components to support your team in strategy planning and execution. Check out the detailed list of the features.

Strategy map

Strategy maps with business goals mapped in four perspectives.
Learn more >

Leading and lagging KPIs, metric normalization and scorecard calculation.
Learn more >

Initiatives and action plans that include detail for goal execution.
Learn more >
BI Dashboards

BI dashboards for data visualization and performance charts.
Learn more >
Strategy Workspace

Workspace for Your Strategy Team
Learn more >

Performance reports with important action plans, KPIs data, and charts.
Learn more >
Start with a Free Plan

Free plan for small projects. No credit card required.
This Balanced Scorecard software comes with 31 ready-to-use scorecard templates.

Present BSC Designer to Stakeholders Present the BSC Designer to key stakeholders involved in strategic planning.