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BSC Designer

Any organization needs a strategy to overcome challenges, and any strategy needs to be properly defined and described on a strategy map, as well as communicated and monitored with KPIs. BSC Designer® software helps with this!

Balanced Scorecard Software

BSC Designer is a professional software for Balanced Scorecard. It helps to:

  • Describe the strategy of your organization on the strategy map,
  • Track its execution with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),
  • Visualize key data on the dashboard, and
  • Keep your team accountable.

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BSC Designer is available as a Cloud-based software and as a Windows tool.

BSC Designer is used by business strategists, CEOs, educators, HRs, quality assurance specialists. You can try the product without limitations and check out what our current users say.


Find out the cost of a BSC Designer subscription and permanent license with the online price calculator.


In our training section you will find free training videos for BSC Designer software, as well as some training for the performance management and strategy execution domains.

Free product training makes the implementation of the product easier.

BSC Designer TrainingFor example, on each page of BSC Designer Online you will find a small “camera” video that links to a training video recorded for this very feature.

KPI and Scorecard Training by BSC Designer

Our training sessions about Business Scorecard and KPIs are based on practical experience. They give you necessary theoretical background, and include some exercises to improve your practical skills.

Recommended training

The most popular training is:

Check out all the details about available training and upcoming live events.


We are in a constant dialog with our clients. We are doing short surveys to learn about your current challenges and respond with some problem-oriented articles.

These articles help to explain complex ideas in simple words and focus your efforts on what really matters.


Check out the “Examples” section on our website. There you will find some business scorecards with strategy maps, dashboards, and KPIs.