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Any organization needs a strategy.
Any strategy needs to be properly described and monitored with KPIs.

What is Balanced Scorecard or Strategy Execution Software?

A Balanced Scorecard software is a business tool that automates the Balanced Scorecard framework by:

  • Creating strategy maps
  • Capturing KPIs
  • Managing initiatives and
  • Cascading strategy across the organization

In contrast to KPI software, the Balanced Scorecard software supports cause-and-effect logic for the business goals and uses a strategy map as a main visualization tool.

Strategy map created with BSC Designer softwareBalanced Scorecard strategy map with four perspectives in BSC Designer.

Balanced Scorecard Automation Challenges

BSC Designer provides automation for these parts:

Strategy map

Strategy maps with business goals mapped in four perspectives.
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Leading and lagging KPIs, metric normalization and scorecard calculation.
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Initiatives and action plans that include detail for goal execution.
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BI Dashboards

BI dashboards for data visualization and performance charts.
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Notifications to keep team members informed and accountable.
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Performance reports with important action plans, KPIs data, and charts.
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Beautiful Strategy Maps

Present your strategy on one page automatically.

Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Example

Full Toolkit for the KPIs

The software does all calculations including normalization, weights, and indexes.

KPIs Tab in BSC Designer


Action plans, budgets, timelines, and persons responsible.

Initiative in BSC Designer software


Get an early warning alert when something goes wrong.

Alerts and notifications in BSC Designer software

Build-in KPIs Analysis and Forecasting

Find KPIs that were the biggest gain/loss, the most important indicators, forecast metrics using historical data.

Analysis tab in BSC Designer software - find KPIs that need your attention

BI Dashboards

Customizable dashboards help to track important metrics.

BI dashboards in BSC Designer software

Easy Import from Excel

Import from spreadsheets manually or automate using Zapier connector.

Import KPI data from spreadsheet software

Spreadsheet vs. Specialized Scorecard SoftwareSpreadsheet vs. Specialized Scorecard Software.

Spreadsheet Software vs. Specialized Tools

Many companies first create the prototype of their scorecard in spreadsheet software and later start looking for specialized tools to scale their project. Learn more >

Video Reviews

To make it easier for you to shortlist the tools and select the one that fits, we’ve collected independent video reviews. Learn more >

View Reviews of the Balanced Scorecard ToolsVideo reviews of Balanced Scorecard Tools.

BSC Designer

BSC Designer Online - Balanced Scorecard Software Tool

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BSC Designer is available as a subscription starting at

$ 69.95 / month

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$ 59.95 / month if billed annually.

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What Users Say

BSC Designer is used by business strategists, CEOs, educators, HRs, QA specialists.
BSC Designer BSC Designer Capterra's product rating: 9/10 based on 19 reviews.

We find BSC Designer a very ergonomic and intuitive tool. It quickly adapts to your way to carry out the information analysis. It is simple, fast and effective.

BSC Designer helps to avoid using and maintaining home-made Excel sheets and produces professional results. Learn more >

Check out LinkedIn ProfileEmmanuel Jaunart
Founder of Mielabelo, Belgium

This tool has contributed a lot as a strategic planning and operation management solution that enabled everyone to track results at real-time and achieve assigned goals.

It provides a dynamic approach to work-flow planning unlike using Excel spreadsheet. Learn more >

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Nwankwo Emmanuel (MCITP)
Aegis School of Business, Mumbai, India

We have a very good experience with BSC Designer, as this instrument can facilitate the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard in our unit.

We have been trying to design a MS Excel spreadsheet but this approach proved to be more difficult. Learn more >

 Check out LinkedIn ProfilePierre de Montfort
SA Army ADA School, South Africa

Use cases for the Balanced Scorecard automation software
Learn from other business professionals about Balanced Scorecard automation.

We use BSC Designer for measuring performance rather than effort.

BSC Designer has allowed us to evaluate results in more than one way. Now we can reward efforts that we are sure are creating the desired results. Learn more >

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Margaret Abbott, Director,
Abbott Consulting, Honduras

I was looking for a software for strategical planning for the company where I work, therefore we are looking for a way to implement the Balanced Scorecard.

I found the BSC Designer, which is a very practical software with excellent functionality. Learn more >

Check out LinkedIn Profile Fernando Latterza, Analyst of Strategical Planning, Grupo SBF, Brazil

A great and practical option to deliver and keep a Balanced Scorecard.

We are a consulting firm and use BSC-Designer regularly to help our clients to visualize their strategy and keep control of their vital metrics. Learn more >

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Hugo Sanchez
DAG Consultores, Nicaragua


Our web-based training sessions will give you the necessary theoretical and practical background for strategy execution domain.

Strategy Execution Training. 5 Training Products: Balanced Scorecard, OKR, Strategy Scorecard, KPIs, Automation. Training and Certification.


Balanced Scorecard Checklist

Audit your strategy scorecard, find possible problems and fix them during the early stages before they result in bigger issues. Learn more >

Examples and Templates

Balanced Scorecard articles and examples

We share the best ideas about strategy execution and KPI challenges in the articles section. Need something more tangible? Check out the “Examples” section.
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