Account Setup in BSC Designer Online

Setup an account in BSC Designer Online, change logo, add currencies for the initiatives, backup and restore data.

Free Plan

Before buying any subscription we do recommend for all users to start with a free plan. For the free plan we don't ask for a credit card details.

Switching to the Paid Account

Once the product was carefully evaluated a user can get a quote and buy a required subscription plan using the online price calculator. The calculator will ask for the required number of power users and preferred billing cycle. Once the order is finalized you will have an activation code. Follow these steps to enter it into BSC Designer Online:

  1. Login into your account
  2. Click > Settings > Subscription tab
  3. Copy into the text box the Credit ID that you have (it starts with "crd-" and ends with "-kpionline")
  4. Click Activate button

Account Backup

A security copy of the BSC Designer Online database is created regularly. You might be required by the security regulations of your company to do additional backup copies of your data. Follow these steps to do a backup of your account:

  1. Login into BSC Designer Online
  2. Go to > Settings > Backup tab
  3. Select there Backup scorecards and groups to backup the data from your account, or Restore scorecards and groups to restore from a previously saved backup.

Please note: these additional backups need to be stored locally and are not saved on BSC Designer Online server. Additionally, you might want to turn on the log of user activity in your account.



On this tab, manage the settings specific for your organization: The currency marked as a default will be used as a base currency for the calculations of the totals in the cost of strategy report.


Define here the company's strategy statements and strategic themes that will be later used for the strategy maps.

Keyboard Shortcuts

General shortcuts:
N New item
Control + Z Undo
Control + Y Redo
Esc Close dialog without saving
Enter Close dialog and apply changes
Shift + D Delete item
Shortcuts for the KPIs tab:
Shift + N New item on the same level
I Initiatives dialog
C Comments dialog
V Values editor dialog
Control + C Copy item
Control + V Paste item
Shortcuts for the My Scorecards section:
P Scorecard properties dialog
S Scorecard share dialog

Getting Started with an Account

Here are some recommended steps to get started with an account:

Once you reviewed main features using example scorecards, try all the functionality on your own:

  • Video tutorials