Cascading/Alignment with BSC Designer Online

To ensure efficient and effective strategy execution company departments need to know how their goals support the goals of other departments, and/or how the KPIs from different levels are affect each other. Here are the steps to link two scorecards:

Video Tutorial: How to Cascade and Align Scorecards

  1. Make sure you have two scorecards ("Parent" and "Child") in your account and those scorecards have some KPIs
  2. Open "Parent" scorecard
  3. Go to the KPIs tab
  4. Click "Add..." button and select "New Imported Indicator" option
  5. In the "Source document" drop list select "Child" document:
  6. Align by KPIs

  7. In the "Item for Import" drop list select a KPI that you want to link to
  8. Click "OK" to close the dialog
  9. A new KPI will appear, the value of that KPI will be linked to the value of the "Child" scorecard