Scorecards Cascading or Alignment in BSC Designer Online

Connect goals and KPIs from different scorecards. Learn how to align goals with each other.

Learn more about the role of cascading in strategic planning.

Make sure you have two scorecards (Recipient and Source) in your account and those scorecards have some KPIs. Find below the steps needed to link two scorecards:

  1. Open Recipient scorecard, go to the KPIs tab
  2. Select an indicator that will be a recipient of data
  3. Switch to the Data tab, click on the Data source button next to the Value field:
  4. Data source button

  5. Click on the Another scorecard button in the More data sources section
  6. In the Source document drop list select Source document:
  7. Align by KPIs

  8. In the Item for Import drop list select a KPI that you want to link to
  9. Click OK to close the dialog. The value of the recipient indicator will be linked to the value of the Source scorecard

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