Managing Users in BSC Designer Online

BSC Designer Online was created as a multi-user platform.

Video Tutorial: Managing Users

Power and View-only Users

An administrator can add additional "Power" or "View-Only" users to the BSC Designer account:

The number of power users depends on the subscription that was bought. Check out the number of power users allowed in your account in "Subscription" section.

Adding Users

To add additional users to an account:

  1. Go to the "Users" section
  2. Click the "Add user" button
  3. Enter required details:
  4. Managing users in BSC Designer Online

  5. Press "Save" button

User Rights

Account administrator can adjust access rights of the power users using additional options:

  • Restrict user rights to data input only (power user will be able to change the "Value" field of the indicator only)
  • Allow change of the historical values (power user can change data before the current update interval)
Access rights can be further customized using "Sharing" function.

User Logs

Security regulations in some companies require the software to log the activity of all users. BSC Designer Online allows the administrator to turn logging function on:

  1. Go to the "Users" section
  2. Click the "Logs" button
  3. Click the "Settings" button
  4. Select events that you need to log and click "enable logs."
  5. The logs will be displayed in the Logs section.