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Use BSC Designer to create a Balanced Scorecard with KPIs, strategy maps, and dashboards.

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Creating a Simple Scorecard with BSC Designer:

Practical Guide: Implementing Strategic Planning in Complex Environment

Learn the steps to prepare a new account in BSC Designer for a strategy planning process used in your organization:

Learn how to onboard your strategy team in BSC Designer, we explain the roles of data input user, strategists, and top manager:

Migrate existing strategy scorecards (various levels of the goals, KPIs, their data, targets and initiatives) from spreadsheet software to BSC Designer:

Come up with a new strategic plan with Strategy Wizard:

Using business frameworks for strategic planning:

Aligning (cascading) functional scorecards with overall strategy:

Risk mitigation initiatives:

The use of BSC Designer for a technical side of strategy meetings:

Productivity hacks:

Balanced Scorecard Template Step by stepGet start with a template. Use BSC Designer to follow the Balanced Scorecard approach using a real template with a strategic objectives and strategy map, not just with some KPIs. Read more...

Key Features

Below is a review of the most important functions of the BSC Designer.

KPI ManagementKPI Management. BSC Designer provides all of the means necessary for the management of KPIs. Assign value, baseline, target, add measure units and initiatives. Read more...
Import business dataImport data for KPI. For the proper usage of the Balanced Scorecard one needs to fill it with fresh data regularly. Import your data from MS Excel or from SQL database. Read more...
Stategy mapStrategy map. Strategy maps give a big picture of where your business is moving. Create strategy maps, put on the strategy map your business objectives. Read more...
Reporting Reports. The visualized data gives more insights about possible improvement of the performance. Find a range of charts, diagrams and reports. Read more...
CascadingCascading. Your scorecard has grown? When you need to cascade your Balanced Scorecard, organize the team work with BSC Designer. Read more...
Sharing Share Scorecard. Need to share your Balanced Scorecard with colleagues, partners or show it to the World? Find flexible opportunities to share a scorecard. Read more...