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Welcome to BSC Designer, a product of Kitonik s.r.o., a globally recognised tool for efficient strategy execution. Trusted by professionals worldwide, BSC Designer is known for its user-friendly approach and proven effectiveness in achieving strategic goals.

Key facts:

  • Started more than 2 decades ago
  • Distributed team with a presence in Europe, LATAM, MENA regions
  • Over 8,000 engaged users

At BSC Designer, we not only provide cutting-edge software but also offer expert guidance to enhance strategy execution. Discover the Strategy Implementation System, designed to empower businesses on their path to successful strategy implementation.

BSC Designer Core Strategy

Below we share our mission, vision, and core values. You can learn more about formulating a core of strategy in this article.

An example of mission, vision, values - BSC Designer

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Making strategies easier to execute by providing agile Balanced Scorecard software, high-valued content, and excellent customer experience.


Provide organizations worldwide with an effective tool to explain their strategy to the employees and track execution.

Core values

  • Wow customers. Respond fast, share knowledge.
  • Be proactive. Focus on product quality, simplify complexities.
  • Adaptability. Support remote work, hire talents globally.
  • Expertise. Be experts in the strategy execution domain, not just in the software.


  • Established in the software business in 2000, initially operating under the DBA name ‘AKS-Labs.’
  • Developed the first version of our performance measurement tool in 2004.
  • Continuously enhancing the software to empower organizations in adapting to emerging trends.


  • A distributed team with a presence in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Over 8,000 engaged users.

Alexis SavkinFounder and CEO:

  • Alexis Savkín Check out LinkedIn profile is the CEO of BSC Designer and the author of the Strategy Implementation System. With over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, he assists organizations in articulating and executing their strategies. A regular speaker at strategy conferences, Alexis is also the author of “10 Step KPIs System,” “Guide to Balanced Scorecard,” and has written over 100 articles on the topics of strategy and performance management.

Our Impact on Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Our strategy is aligned with the SDGs 2030 via three quantified goals. Learn more about our approach to implementing the UN SDGs and the goals from National Agendas into the strategy of organization.

SDGs Target 8.2: Strategy execution software supports economic growth
SDGs Target 4.7: Integrate sustainability in reporting
SDGs Target 12.6: Disciplined strategic planning

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