Automate KPIs Data Entry with RESTful API

Automate data reading and writing for KPIs with RESTful API. Automate access to your data for third party business tools.

General Information

Getting Started

Find below some instructions that will help to get started.

Authorization Token

API calls will require API key or a temporary authorization token.

To create a new API key follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings section
  2. Switch to the Integrations tab
  3. Click on the Add API Key button

Use obtained API key parameter in the headers of all other calls to the API:

POST /rest/login HTTP/1.1


Content-Type: application/json

Token: replace_with_obtained_token

Getting IDs for Scorecard and KPI

API calls related to the KPI require the ID of the scorecard and the GUID of the KPI.

Getting Scorecard ID

Scorecard ID can be found using API call or manually. To find Scorecard ID manually:

  1. Go to the My scorecards section
  2. Open the target scorecard
  3. The URL of the scorecard will be something like this:
  4. The number at the end is the ID of the scorecard

Getting KPI GUID

KPI GUID can be found using API call or manually. To find GUID manually:

  1. Open scorecard
  2. Select Tools > Export indicator values
  3. Follow the steps to get to the Preview export results page
  4. GUID column in the preview table will contain the GUID of the KPI

Writing and Reading Value Using API

Use KPI Value Controller to write and read data for the KPIs.

Check out the php example of using API.

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