Create Performance Dashboards for the Most Important KPIs

Display performance data on a dashboard in BSC Designer. Add new charts, create several dashboards, filter data that you need to see.

To access the dashboards follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account at BSC Designer Online
  2. Open any scorecard
  3. Go to the Dashboard tab

Creating a New Dashboard

Any scorecard in BSC Designer Online can include several performance dashboards. Using the toolbar on the Dashboard tab you can:

Adding a New Chart to a Dashboard

To add a new chart to a dashboard follow these steps:

  1. Open any scorecard, go to the Dashboard tab
  2. Click the Add... button on the toolbar
  3. Choose an indicator that will be used as a source of the chart data
  4. Select chart type from the drop list
  5. Select if you want to visualize on the dashboard Value, Performance, or Progress
  6. Click OK to finalize the process

Adjusting Chart Properties

In BSC Designer Online it is possible to move and resize charts according to your needs.

To delete a chart:

  1. Hover over the chart
  2. Click on the red cross icon that will appear

To resize a chart:

  1. Move mouse pointer to the edge of the chart
  2. Press mouse button, resize chart as needed
  3. Release mouse button

Some charts (for example, a Time chart) can be customized additionally.

  1. Move mouse pointer over the chart
  2. Additional control will appear
  3. Add new chart to a dashboard

  4. Use "gear" button to customize chart, for example to change the period of time visualized on the chart

Dashboard Templates

If you plan to use the same layout of charts for different scorecards, then it's a good idea to create a dashboard template:

A new template will appear in the list of dashboards.

Existing dashboard templates can be managed on the > Settings > Workflow tab.

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