Kaizen Method Guide

The Kaizen Method Guide bring out all the aspects and features of Kaizen in full details, with the most comprehensive information.

Kaizen Method GuideInside:

  • 31 page Kaizen Method Guide (Adobe PDF file)
  • 30 slide Kaizen Method Presentation (PowerPoint .pptx, .ppt file)

Inside Kaizen Method Guide

  • 30 slide Kaizen Method Presentation (PowerPoint .pptx, .ppt file)

  • 31 page Kaizen Method Guide (Adobe PDF file)

Kaizen Guide Content

Introduction to the Kaizen method. The first part of the guide provides a basic introduction to the Kaizen method. The basic principle of Kaizen, which means ‘continuous improvement’, in eliminating all wastes and utilize the available resources to their full potential.

Kaizen and Balanced Scorecard. The second part focuses on balanced scorecards, strategic planning and the effective combination of balanced scorecards with Kaizen to reap the full benefits from different perspectives.

Reviewing Alternatives of Kaizen. This part reviews the alternatives to Kaizen like Kanban, business process reengineering, and modular function deployment, establishing the superiority of Kaizen over these methods.

Kaizen step-by-step. The fourth part of the Kaizen Method guide is a step-by-step guide on the actual usage of Kaizen in solving business problems.

Key success factors of Kaizen part elaborates on key success factors of Kaizen that had made it a universal tool adapted by thousands of business organizations all over the world.

Examples of real-life usage of Kaizen. Real-life examples of five organizations that had benefited immensely from Kaizen are presented in the sixth part. They are Canon, Fidelity Investments, Gold Seal Engineering Products, Shwee Shwian Food, and Rojee Tasha Stampings.

Conclusions about Kaizen Method. This part of the Kaizen Method Guide concludes the thoughts presented in the first parts of Kaizen Method Guide.

Kaizen FAQ. Frequently asked questions on Kaizen.

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