Strategy Implementation System by BSC Designer

A systematic approach to the decomposition of the needs of stakeholders, into aligned strategy and functional scorecards. Key Topics: Pitfalls in Strategy Implementation Strategy Implementation System by BSC Designer Start Using the System Common Pitfalls in Strategy Implementation While assisting clients in enhancing their strategies, we have observed certain anti-patterns or pitfalls. Pitfall 1. We … Read more

Practical Guide: Using AI Prompts for Strategic Planning Software

While AI won’t replace a strategist, its co-piloting ability can optimize routine tasks. You are a strategist… Do a strategic analysis and formulate results in the CSV format according to these requirements… How to Integrate AI with Strategic Planning Software Formulate Effective AI Prompts Asking AI to Improve Your Strategy Competitive Analysis Using Porter’s Five Forces … Read more

Logistics Strategy with KPIs: Navigating in Uncertain Environment

The logistics industry passes through a period of uncertainty defined by increasing labor costs and disruption from new entrants.  While automation is a clear keystone of effective logistics strategy, the main challenge is to align automation and digitalization initiatives with overall strategy considering the strategic ambitions of stakeholders and possible scenarios. In this article, we’ll … Read more

Supply Chain: Alignment and Resilience Strategies with KPIs

A perfect supply chain is resilient, transparent, aligned with other functions, and quantified by KPIs. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a core activity of any organization that deals with production or distribution. The label “strategic” is often misused in business literature, but supply chain deserves it. SCM overlooks: Procurement Warehousing Logistics Quality assurance and control … Read more

KPIs for Change Management + ITIL metrics

A change management framework with KPIs according to the three phases of change: (1) preparation, (2) transition and (3) outcome.  What is Change Management? Change management is a disciplined approach to reproducing previously tested best practices under slightly different conditions (new stakeholders involved, natural changes in the environment, etc.) In contrast to innovation, change is … Read more

The Ansoff Matrix: 3 Steps to Create Business Growth Strategies + Example

Start with analysis of the trends, define diversification strategies, quantify and compare alternatives to find the most promising growth directions.  The content of the article: History of the Ansoff Matrix, its modern 2×2 and 3×3 extended versions Rationale and general principles of selecting business growth alternatives Three steps to plan growth strategy with the Ansoff … Read more

The Role of Stakeholders in Strategic Planning

A good strategy doesn’t not exist in the vacuum imagined by top management, it considers the needs of diverse stakeholders.  In this article, we’ll discuss: Part 1. Evolution from the shareholder to stakeholder theory Part 2. Stakeholders’ analysis and management in the field of strategic planning Part 3. Automating stakeholders with BSC Designer software Part … Read more

Adapting Strategic Planning to European Sustainability Reporting (ESRS and CSRD)

As a part of the EU Green Deal, new reporting standards and directives have been introduced. While the adoption is challenging due to the complexity of the new standards, in their core, new requirements focus on the best practices of strategic planning and reporting, such as mapping stakeholders, objectives, key activities, risks, tracking leading and … Read more

Implementation of Objectives and Measurements According to ISO 9001:2015

Analysis of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for objectives and measurements and their practical implementation in the form of strategy and KPI scorecard. This article will be useful for: Strategists who plan to align existing strategy and KPIs scorecards with the quality management system established according to ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Managers who are preparing for … Read more