Adapting Strategic Planning to Complexity – Presentation Slides

With the increasing complexity of the business environment, the discipline of strategic planning has evolved over the last decade. Below are the presentation slides that review the strategy implementation approach suggested by BSC Designer, which includes methodological guidance as well as strategy automation software. Challenges in addressing complexity: User involvement and product pricing: Review of … Read more

Construction Company KPIs and Strategy Scorecard

The construction industry is expanding due to the growing demand for speed and quality in building projects. This strategy scorecard template includes examples of generic goals for a construction company, quantified with leading and lagging KPIs. The template is available in BSC Designer. Customize it according to the current challenges of your organization. Example of … Read more

Update KPIs in BSC Designer with Data from 3rd-Party Platforms

Discover how to automate data input from third-party platforms, including accounting systems, CRMs, ERPs, project management tools, and social media platforms, into KPIs managed in BSC Designer. Do you need to import data regularly? Begin by determining whether data migration is a one-time task or a regular process. For instance, if you’re transitioning from another … Read more

BSC Designer Certification: Specialist and Partner Programs

The certification programs explained below are intended for strategy professionals seeking to enhance their employability through formal recognition of their skills, and strategy consultants aiming to deliver more value to their prospective clients by gaining expertise in automation software for strategy planning and execution. BSC Designer® Specialist Certification The Specialist Certification program is designed to … Read more

Case Study: KPI and Strategy Scorecards in Aviation Sector

This case study examines the common challenges faced by clients of BSC Designer within the aviation domain, including airlines, airports, and quality control groups, in the context of strategic planning and performance management. Conceptually, we can classify the challenges into two categories: Challenges related to strategic alignment and strategy architecture in general Challenges related to … Read more

Shifting from Spreadsheet-Based Strategies to Specialized Strategic Planning Software

When strategy reaches a certain level of complexity, it’s no longer sustainable to manage it with spreadsheet and presentation software. In this tutorial, we’ll outline a change agenda for strategy automation. We will use six different change perspectives to analyze the past state – the ad-hoc approach to strategy and We will formulate a future … Read more

Analysis Shows 92% of Organizations Prefer Aligned Scorecards Architecture Over Monolithic Approach

BSC Designer conducted an analysis of over 8000 users of strategic planning software. The study found that 92% of users implemented an aligned scorecards architecture, while only 8% used a monolith architecture. This indicates a significant shift from 2019, where only 64% of users utilized an aligned approach. Sampling Technique In January 2023, BSC Designer conducted … Read more

Audit Your KPI Scorecard with Automated Quality Check

Let BSC Designer check the quality of your KPI scorecard. The software will analyze your KPI scorecard automatically and suggest some improvements. How to Get Quality Score Calculated To use the KPI Scorecard Audit, follow these steps: Sign into your account at BSC Designer or create a free one Create a scorecard or open an … Read more

Connect KPI to SAP Hana

SAP provides their users with SAP Hana, an excellent tool to connect on premises and online SAP solutions. Users of BSC Designer can now power their KPIs accessing a database available in SAP Hana. Find below the steps to setup an SQL indicator for this case. 1. Select SAP Hana database instance, click on Actions … Read more