Balanced Scorecard Software – Case Studies

BSC Designer - Balanced Scorecard Software Testimonials

BSC Designer is a popular software for Balanced Scorecard. Browse through the case studies and find a user story that resonates with your needs. Use filters. We have collected many user stories; apply filters to make your search more effective. Understand the Concept. If you are not familiar with the Balanced Scorecard concept, then check … Read more

A Deep Dive Into the Core of Strategy Execution

Jeroen De Flander – author Strategy Execution Heroes and director at The Performance Factory

Aleksey: Jeroen, congratulations on starting a great training platform around strategy execution domain. Let’s talk a little bit about the training and how it can help a typical strategy execution professional. Jeroen: Thanks, Aleksey. It’s a pleasure to share this with your readers. Aleksey: There is a statement that “strategy is everyone’s job.” What about … Read more

Balanced Scorecard for Small and Medium Enterprises – Interview with Ignacio Castillo

Ignacio Castillo, General Manager and Founder of Demsa Consulting, a company located in Mexico that helps its clients to implement tools for the measurement of strategy using Balanced Scorecard methodology.

Today we are going to speak with Ignacio Castillo, General Manager and Founder of link=”” aid=”2396″ title=”Demsa Consulting”], a company located in Mexico that helps its clients to implement tools for the measurement of strategy using Balanced Scorecard methodology. … we should not make a large number of indicators to achieve an objective, since in … Read more

Transforming Balanced Scorecard to Support Strategic Agility – Interview with Dan Montgomery

Interview with Dan Montgomery, internationally recognized expert in the fields of strategic planning, balanced scorecard, and leadership.

The Balanced Scorecard evolved from a measurement system into a complex strategy execution framework. Today it helps companies all over the world to describe and execute their strategies. Properly implemented BSC is supposed to help any organization, but we often hear that managers have faced some difficulties, in which BSC did not work, and that … Read more

Learning from Tesco Strategy Map and Scorecard

Learning Balanced Scorecard lesson from Tesco steering wheel

A great lesson of how Balanced Scorecard works can be learned from global retailer Tesco. This company is known for its state of art Business Intelligence (BI) system. Balanced Scorecard is published yearly on as part of Tesco’s BI system and is a must-see business performance tool. It even has its own name, “steering wheel.” In … Read more

Case Study: Improve Customer Satisfaction with BSC

Improve customer satisfaction KPIs

Case study: BSC Designer software supports the Balanced Scorecard concept in Italian IT company “Concept Italia,” Intel Software partner based in Rome. Summary Top managers of the Concept Italia use BSC Designer software to evaluate the level of achievement of business goals. One of the ultimate goals of using BSC Designer in the company is … Read more

KPIs for Customs Broker Service Provider Bottleneck

Process map for Customs Broker Service Provider Bottleneck

Bottlenecks exist in any business. The case study below suggests an approach for dealing with the performance bottlenecks from the viewpoint of the performance and Key Performance Indicators. Case study details Company background: Customs Broker Service Provider receives merchandise in the warehouse, inspects the merchandise, does the classification process, prepares the customs paperwork, pays duties, and … Read more

Zimbabwe-Based Talent Consulting Implemented Balanced Scorecard – Case Study

Cultural shift with Balanced Scorecard

Case study: BSC Designer software supports a cultural shift from “I’m doing my job” to “I do understand strategy” in Talent Consulting. Summary The case study reveals details of Balanced Scorecard implementation with BSC Designer in Zimbabwe-based management consulting company Talent Consulting Ltd. During 3 weeks of Balanced Scorecard implementation period, the company successfully introduced software to … Read more

Balanced Scorecard and BSC Designer in the Middle East

Arabic version of BSC Designer

The Balanced Scorecard concept is well-known in the KSA market. Private company and governmental organizations are looking for ways to effectively execute their strategies. BSC Designer software is recognized among strategists and CEOs in the Arabic-speaking market. Here, you will find some video tutorials for the product as well as testimonials by the users from … Read more

Balanced Scorecard in Education – Case Studies

Balanced Scorecard in Universities

Universities all over the World use the Balanced Scorecard concept. They apply the concept to: Internal processes Students scoring Educational purposes Our customers from the educational industry use BSC Designer as a software tool to demonstrate the Balanced Scorecard concept in action to their students. As an effort to help educational professions understand the Balanced … Read more