How to Adapt Strategy for a Period of Unknowns

How to Adapt Strategy for a Period of Unknowns

We are passing through a period of uncertainties – socials, economics, climatics… What can we do today to adapt strategies to the new challenges? With our mission in mind, we compiled a roadmap for the users of BSC Designer® software. Before, we formulated the five steps of the strategic planning process. Let’s see how the … Read more

Scenarios in Strategic Planning: Full Guide with Examples

3 Steps to Increase Business Resilience with Scenario Planning

Scenario planning helps organizations increase business resilience and prepare for future challenges. Learn how to formulate different types of scenarios and align them with overall strategy.  Key topics of the article: What is Scenario Planning? The Role in Strategic Planning and Risk Management Could We Be Better Prepared for Covid-19 with Scenario Planning? The Steps … Read more

Five Forces Analysis for a Strategy Scorecard

3 steps to formulate a competitive strategy with Porter’s Five Forces framework

An example of using Porter’s Five Forces for strategy definition. Comparison to other competitive analysis frameworks.  Analyze competition in the context of five forces – direct competition, customer powers, supplier powers, new entrants, substitutes. The topics of the article: Porter’s Five Forces in Strategic Planning Five Forces Template + 3 steps to use it with … Read more

3 Perspectives to Measure Leadership Effectiveness

A framework for measuring leadership effectiveness by BSC Designer

Learn how to measure leadership effectiveness with KPIs grouped into three perspectives – Strategy, Team, and Leader’s Growth.  Key topics of the article: Definition of leadership Is Leadership Measurable? Framework to assess leadership effectiveness Perspective 1 – Strategy Perspective 2 – Team Perspective 3 – Growth Technical setup for KPIs Executive summary Definitions of Leadership … Read more

Cybersecurity Scorecard with KPIs for Data Security and Data Protection

Data Security Strategy Map with KPIs, Success Factors, and Initiatives

An example of a strategy scorecard with performance indicators that addresses the emerging trends of cybersecurity. Key topics of the article: Data Security Studies and terminology Why Cybersecurity KPIs? How to Measure Something that Has Not Happened Yet Frameworks for Data Security Strategy Financial Perspective Customer Perspective Internal Perspective Learning and Infrastructure Perspective Automation for … Read more

Balanced Scorecard Software vs. KPI Software – What’s the Difference?

Balanced Scorecard vs KPI Software - What

This article helps to make it clear what an organization needs now – automation with KPI software or Balanced Scorecard tool. First Generation Balanced Scorecard is the Root Cause of Confusion An earlier version of the Balanced Scorecard framework was perceived as a pure measurement tool. The only tangible difference between the Balanced Scorecard and … Read more

The History and Significance of Software

Every time you use a computer, smartphone, video game console, or many other electronic devices, you’re using something that runs on software. Some software is very complicated, while other software is fairly straightforward and designed only to do a few different things. Either way, the software is actually the most recent implementation of something that … Read more

The Scientific Method – Hypotheses, Models, Theories, and Laws

The scientific method is defined as the steps scientists follow to create a view of the world that is accurate, reliable, and consistent.  It’s also a way of minimizing how a scientist’s cultural and personal beliefs impact and influence their work.  It attempts to make a person’s perceptions and interpretations of nature and natural phenomena … Read more