KPIs for Remote Employees: Three Pillars of an Effective Distributed Team

Pillars of effective remote employee management

An ability to hire and manage employees remotely is becoming a competitive advantage these days[1]. More highly qualified talents prefer to work remotely to achieve a better work-life balance. How do you find the right employees? How do you manage remote teams? What KPIs will help to track the performance?   We’ll start the discussion … Read more

How to Focus Innovation Strategy with the Three Horizons Model

Learn how to use McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model for top level planning of business growth and innovation. Before, we discussed strategy map as a framework for the articulation of the innovation strategy. What about other popular frameworks? They certainly help to organize high-level thoughts about innovations and formulate a bird’s-eye view on a company’s innovation … Read more

Five Forces Analysis for a Strategy Scorecard

3 steps to formulate a competitive strategy with Porter’s Five Forces framework

An example of using Porter’s Five Forces for strategy definition. Comparison to other competitive analysis frameworks.  Analyze competition in the context of five forces – direct competition, customer powers, supplier powers, new entrants, substitutes. The topics of the article: Porter’s Five Forces in Strategic Planning Five Forces Template + 3 steps to use it with … Read more

3 Perspectives to Measure Leadership Effectiveness

A framework for measuring leadership effectiveness by BSC Designer

Learn how to measure leadership effectiveness with KPIs grouped into three perspectives – Strategy, Team, and Leader’s Growth.  Key topics of the article: Definition of leadership Is Leadership Measurable? Framework to assess leadership effectiveness Perspective 1 – Strategy Perspective 2 – Team Perspective 3 – Growth Technical setup for KPIs Executive summary Definitions of Leadership … Read more

Cybersecurity Scorecard with KPIs for Data Security and Data Protection

Data Security Strategy Map with KPIs, Success Factors, and Initiatives

An example of a strategy scorecard with performance indicators that addresses the emerging trends of cybersecurity. Key topics of the article: Data Security Studies and terminology Why Cybersecurity KPIs? How to Measure Something that Has Not Happened Yet Frameworks for Data Security Strategy Financial Perspective Customer Perspective Internal Perspective Learning and Infrastructure Perspective Automation for … Read more

Automated Strategy Audit with Strategy Quality Score

Strategy quality score analysis

Let BSC Designer check the quality of your strategy map. The software will analyze your strategy map automatically and suggest some improvements. How to Get Quality Score Calculated To use the Strategy Quality Score, follow these steps: Sign into your account at BSC Designer Online or create a free one Create a scorecard with a … Read more

Diversity and Inclusion: Strategy Scorecard with KPIs

How diversity is driving inclusion

Diverse teams with engaged talents are more innovative, understand customer needs better, and drive financial results. Let’s discuss how to combine various ideas about diversity and inclusion into a coherent strategy. Key topics of the article: The definitions: diversity and inclusion Four reasons why diversity and inclusion is important D&I strategy scorecard with KPIs: Financial … Read more

How to Make Data-Driven Decision

7 Steps of Data-Driven Decision

Making a decision implies several steps, from analysis of the situation to formulating an action plan. Let’s see how a data-driven decision is different from just making things happen.  Key topics of the article: Why do we need data-driven decisions? Key features of data-driven decisions Alternatives: KPI-driven management, Big Data Example: data-driven decisions vs. no-data … Read more

Support Strategic Choices with Prioritization Frameworks

Strategic Choices with Prioritization Frameworks - Prioritization Tools

Review of the prioritization frameworks that help to make data-driven strategic choices by defining a priorities model and calculating priority score.  In strategic planning, prioritization starts with defining the high-level strategic themes that work as pillars for the rest of the strategy. What about making choices on lower levels? After using the strategic themes as … Read more