KPIs for Leadership: Measuring Effectiveness from Three Perspectives

Learn how to measure leadership effectiveness with KPIs grouped into three perspectives – Strategy, Team, and Leader’s Growth.  Key topics of the article: Definition of leadership Is Leadership Measurable? Framework to assess leadership effectiveness Perspective 1 – Strategy Perspective 2 – Team Perspective 3 – Growth Technical setup for KPIs Executive summary Definitions of Leadership … Read more

How to Focus Innovation Strategy with the Three Horizons Model

Learn how to use McKinsey’s Three Horizons Model for top level planning of business growth and innovation. Before, we discussed strategy map as a framework for the articulation of the innovation strategy. What about other popular frameworks? They certainly help to organize high-level thoughts about innovations and formulate a bird’s-eye view on a company’s innovation … Read more

Simplify Strategy Deployment in a Complex Business Environment

A typical strategy process is quite complex… Part of this complexity can be attributed to the inherently complex business environment, which demands more comprehensive responses. While we cannot reduce the increasing complexity of the business environment, we can simplify the strategy deployment process, making it easier for strategists to define, communicate, and execute their strategies. … Read more

Adapting Strategic Planning to Complexity – Presentation Slides

With the increasing complexity of the business environment, the discipline of strategic planning has evolved over the last decade. Below are the presentation slides that review the strategy implementation approach suggested by BSC Designer, which includes methodological guidance as well as strategy automation software. Challenges in addressing complexity: User involvement and product pricing: Review of … Read more

Strategic Planning: Who is Responsible and Who Needs to be Involved?

Understanding employee involvement in strategic planning and its effect on an organization’s strategy-related practices. They say that “strategy should be everyone’s job” – that’s true for strategy execution in general, but what about strategy development? Who is responsible? Who needs to be involved? What kind of involvement are we talking about? This article will help … Read more

How to Design Dashboards for Strategic Planning: Examples Included

Learn how to design performance dashboards to support decision-making, visualize trends, identify performance gaps, and ultimately address the engagement problem of strategic planning. Dashboard as a High-Level View of Strategy In strategic planning, we deal with numerous complexities – from the multitude of strategy and functional scorecards to hierarchical business goals, initiatives, risks, and the … Read more

Preparing Strategic Planning for AI

AI promises to be a major disruption over the next decade. The current state of AI technology is not yet reliable enough for mission-critical strategy tasks, but most organizations have seen enough of its potential to start planning for its future advances. Where is AI Trending? Apart from the algorithmic part, one of the key … Read more

Strategic Planning App: BSC Designer Experience for Smartphones

Learn how BSC Designer, a specialized strategic planning app, adapts to smartphone use cases for strategy presentation, dashboard view, and data input. Recent studies on devices used to access the Internet1 indicate that 60% of Internet usage accounts for mobile usage. It’s interesting to examine this data in the context of a specific application in … Read more

Implementing Business Continuity Management in Strategic Planning

Business Continuity Management (BCM) ensures that critical functions of an organization remain operational to minimize the impact of disruptions on stakeholders. Let’s explore the practical steps to implement Business Continuity Management within the context of strategic planning. An approach to business continuity management according to ISO 22301 involves: Identifying critical business elements Analyzing threats and … Read more