Real Use Cases of BSC Designer

Easier Balanced Scorecard with BSC Designer

During my MBA I had to develop several projects that involved BSC and I had to do this by myself, using templates found on the Internet. After some digging I finally found BSC Designer, which made my life easier. It truly goes beyond normal capabilities improving performance. Now it’s simpler and quicker to get things done.

Check out LinkedIn Profile Evandro Meneguella, FGV MBA Campinas – SP – Brazil

Balanced Scorecard for Medical Operation Planning

I’m in Medical Emergency Management and Medical Operation Planning. We are currently implementing the Balanced Score Card for our department.

The user interface of the BSC Designer is friendly and easy to adapt even for some of the beginner in my department. I’m still new to it, but am already beginning to love it. Give me another 2 weeks and maybe I’ll upgrade to the PRO version.

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Dr Md Amin Muslan, Ministry Of Defense, Malaysia

Complete Scorecards in a Record Time

Finding BSC Designer has been a great help. Using the template available for HR and Travel, as well as designing my own for other areas, I have been able to complete my scorecards in a record time. The program is simple to navigate and produces a report that is easy to read and understand.

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Kathryn Diab, Area Purchasing Supervisor at The Church of  Latter-Day Saints

Software to Define and Track Key Quality Indicators (KQI)

I needed to design balanced scorecards that allow top executives of my clients to track existing initiatives and create new ones. I just started using BSC Designer and I find it very useful as it allows creating categories and sub-categories where I can put key performance indicators. It is then possible to represent hierarchical structure of Key Performance Indicator and, by aggregating them, to define and track Key Quality Indicators. These key quality indicators are very important to understand how key performance indicators “perform” in particular contexts or situation. I need to understanding more in depth the potential of this application, but it is very likely that I will upgrade to the PRO version.

Davide Gentile, Strategic Advisor, Davide Gentile Management Consultancy, Rome

Investing Company Use BSC Designer to Visually Track Performance and Quality

I like BSC Designer because it is very flexible and lets me import data from my own database, also I can link it to my internally developed applications, customize reports and communications. This allows us to operate in real time over the web, collaborating with my people and the managers of companies where we have invested, in such a manner that our communication is very effective since we deal with whatever is important, saving us time and resources.

Our business is financial and commercial services, we are investing in a company that sells consumer electronics and credit to government employees and collects payments via payroll discounts.

We plan to develop the entire BSC for the parent organization from the board to the end employee and link our invested projects (subsidiaries) to it to visually track performance and quality, and report in real time to our associated investors.

Also with BSC Designer we have reports instantly prepared for the strategic management level, as well as for the operations, and this allows us to quickly react and adapt to any given situation.

Ricardo Zea Grayeb, CFG SAPI DE CV, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico

Drill down objectives and support business intelligence system

We are using BSC Designer as a tool in our management group, to drill down our objectives and support our business intelligence system and internal contracts.

I find your tool easy to use and also find it to be a good support for people who are not familiar with balanced scorecards. It makes it easier to discuss and find the right objectives and metrics, as it supports the team discussions and interpretations of the tasks ahead of us. It is great and easy to use software.

Torben Lindbak-Larsen, Head of department, Municipality of Aabenraa, Denmark

Measure managers’ performance in order to decide if they have reached their objective

With BSC Designer I have to measure managers’ performance in order to decide if they have reached their objectives.

I think BSC Designer is really a good product. I evaluated also the use of other software, such as Hyperion, SAP or Microsoft BSC, but all of them have a disadvantage. They all require installing a DB (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and so on). BSC Designer instead has all you need built in and it is extremely easy to install. From a functionality point of view, BSC Designer Pro has all of the features you need: strategy maps, a KPI designer, many graphical representations, analysis tools and so on. And, last but not least, the price is really competitive with respect to the other competitors.

Isotta, Controller, Telecom Italia, Rome – Italy

BSC Designer helps to follow up objectives and initiatives

We use BSC Designer to follow up on objectives, initiatives and demonstrate in a map how they can be linked to actual strategy.

It’s really very good, since it allows performing a variety of objectives. It facilitates the metrics with flexibility, helps me see in plain terms what exactly is going on in every aspect of those four basics perspectives of the company and once they’ve all been aligned you will find in what point of performance you are exactly in!

Wilfredo Taveras, Budget Manager, Ferreteria Ochoa, Dominican Republic

Review the company’s goals with BSC Designer

One of my main activities as an advanced project management consultant is to help my clients to identify what projects contribute toward the business’ vision and mission achievement.

This activity is not simple, it requires constant review and evaluation of the company’s goals and objectives.

The best way to review the company’s goals and objectives is using the right set of tools. It is better if these tools are computer based.

I find really useful the option that lets me present my data as HTML or PowerPoint reports. And I can also export it to Excel and use my info in our third party software.

Ivan Rivera, Project Manager, PMP, Mexico

Useful and user friendly BSC software

We use BSC Designer for establishing Strategy Maps for our company, establishing strategic goals and KPIs on the BSC and trace the KPIs and targets using the software.

It is one of the best software among the ones in the sector. The program is definitely user friendly and I recommend it for all organizations regardless of their structure. The approach is very easy to understand and very easy to use. The BSC Designer team puts a lot of effort into improving the software depending on the customer’s requests, which is a very vital factor for the customer’s satisfaction. Thanks to all the team for this very valuable software.

Haluk Dingiloglu, Project Manager, Hidromek A.S, Turkey

BSC Designer In Management Consulting Services

Working in Management Consulting services, we are regularly facing opportunities to help our customers to get a clear view on specific management concerns. It could address general management topics for which the traditional Norton-Kaplan approach is used, but also more specific like building a scorecard for the IT department.

We find BSC Designer a very ergonomic and intuitive tool. It quickly adapts to your way to carry out the information analysis. It is simple, fast and effective. BSC Designer helps to avoid using and maintaining home-made Excel sheets and produces professional results.

Check out LinkedIn ProfileEmmanuel Jaunart, founder of Mielabelo, Belgium

BSC Designer in Consulting and IT Areas

We use BSC Designer in the consulting enterprise, here is Brazil; I have faced the task of applying the Balanced Scorecard approach in an information technology company that produces software for public services. Having only basic knowledge of the concept, working with BSC Designer helped me to understand the concept much better and helped the company with their tasks. BSC Designer appeared to be very easy to use and it provided me with a powerful functionality to realize how BSC works for a real company, not only the theory about it.

Cezar Andrade Marques de Azevedo, Consultant at Pro Max Consultoria, Brazil

Using Balanced Scorecard to Support Decision Making

I am happy to inform you that our article (“An Integrated Approach for Selecting Information Systems: A Case Study”) has been published. As BSC Designer helped us a lot in our work, we took the initiative to refer you and your company in our acknowledgments. Again, thank you for your support.

Kostas Viglas, Hellenic Open University, Athens, Greece

Strategic planning and management alternative to Excel

This tool has contributed a lot as a strategic planning and operation management solution that enabled everyone to track results at real-time and achieve assigned goals. It provides a dynamic approach to work-flow planning unlike using Excel spreadsheet. Now we saved about 50% of time wasted in understanding who was responsible for a particular task. We have got a clear picture of the time-frame for a particular job. It’s amazing tool to save resources.

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Nwankwo Emmanuel (MCITP), Aegis School of Business and Telecommunications, Mumbai

Translating Excel scorecard in BSC Designer

We will try to translate our Balanced Scorecard to this software. The idea is to see there indicators for strategic and operational processes.

We continue to translate our Balanced Scorecard to BSC Designer and hopefully this software will be an excellent choice compared to the scorecard in Excel. The actual problem in the translation is the structure of our Excel spreadsheet. For each indicator there we have a numerator and a denominator. The value of an indicator is the result of the division of these two variables. I am trying to make an easier structure in the BSC Designer software in order to stop using Excel for this task.

I’ve contacted BSC Designer support several times with questions regarding translating our Balance Scorecard in BSC Designer. For each of the questions I’ve gotten excellent replies.

Pablo Avengo, IT Manager, Ventalum, Bs As, Argentina

Measure how well we are doing with our strategic plan

I will be using BSC Designer to build BSC to help measure the impact of our team’s activity with the rest of the organization. I’ve only started to use your product, but I can see it as a great way to help measure how well we are doing with our strategic plan and how each tactical initiative fits within our strategic plan.

We have a wealth of measured information and BSC will help us to distill the data and provide a summary of where we stand insofar as our strategic plan.

We take pride in the quality of work we do for our customers, but for our internal reports, up until now, we were using MS Excel over multiple tabs and it was not easy to follow. BSC Designer will make it easier to build high quality BSC.

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Daniel Gaudet, Principal Consultant, CA Technologies, Islandia, NY

Cascade the objectives down to the management hierarchy

We consult companies about the ways to cascade the objectives down to the management hierarchy. We use BSC Designer to ensure successful implementation of strategic goals in these companies.

Strategic Management implementation has been our business challenge across the different layers of management from top management down to key operations. In many business units of family owned businesses there was a problem to cascade the objectives successfully in a timely and effective manner. Our expectation from the BSC Designer program are high. We plan to assist our consulting customers in implementing the BSC concept and achieving improvement in an easy and systematic way. So far, so good.

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Michael Raphael, General Manager/Owner,  Management Integrated Consultants, Beirut – Lebanon

BSC Designer is an easy solution for growth of the Balanced Scorecard

We are using BSC Designer for a continuous reporting of security KPIs and in the future we may use it for all of our management processes.

This Balanced Scorecard software:
– is easy to use even without training;
– has an easy to understand reporting and user interface;
– has an interface for accessing your own KPIs that are already in place in Excel or Access (not yet tested, but it looks promising and it is necessary for step by step migration)

As far as being evaluated, it is a good solution for furthering the growth of the Balanced Scorecard, e.g. cascading of BSC to use for all processes.

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Dieter Brunner, CSO, GRZ IT Center Linz GmbH, Linz, Austria

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