How to Manage with Scorecards, KPIs, and Strategy Maps

Getting Started with BSC Designer

Welcome to BSC Designer PRO. This “getting started” video will help our new users to understand what BSC Designer is all about.

A short Getting Started Video for BSC Designer

Setup KPIs in BSC Designer

Video manual for the KPIs in BSC Designer

Supported data sources

Data sources for KPIs in BSC Designer - Video Manual

Build a strategy map, process map, or geo dashboard

Strategy Maps in BSC Designer - Video Manual

Visualize the most important KPIs on a dashboard

Business dashboards in BSC Designer

Map business objectives and connections between them

Business Goals - Video Manual

Be notified about important changes to your KPIs

Video manual for Alerts in BSC Designer

Find the indicators that need more attention

KPI data analysis in BSC Designer

What it is all about: an approach to the business scorecards

Video introduction in BSC Designer

Align action plan with a KPI, assign person responsible

Initiatives and action plan in BSC Designer - Video Manual

Reports in BSC Designer

KPI and Scorecard Reports in BSC Designer - Video Manual

Balanced Scorecard Wizard

Balanced Scorecard Wizard in BSC Designer - Video Manual

Practical Examples

Here are some screencasts videos from online training “Building Balanced Scorecard Step by Step.”

Strategy Map Step By Step

Building Strategy Map in BSC Designer Step-by-Step

Align KPIs Step by Step

Aligning KPIs with Business Goals in BSC Designer

Cascading Step by Step

Balanced Scorecard Cascading in BSC Designer

Try everything yourself

Why don’t you try all these features with your data? You can download the free trial version of BSC Designer PRO.

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  • Majid

    Can I use BSC Designer on the network?
    In fact, I want to link clients on a network and transfer data between clients.

Thank you for sharing!

Whether you are looking for a professional Balanced Scorecard software, or just researching information about Balanced Scorecard and business strategies, we recommend you to download and try our BSC Designer software (no credit card is required).

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