Video Tutorials for BSC Designer PRO

Learn how to manage with Scorecards, KPIs, and Strategy Maps in BSC Designer PRO.

Getting Started with BSC Designer

Welcome to BSC Designer PRO. This “getting started” video will help our new users to understand what BSC Designer is all about.

A short Getting Started Video for BSC Designer

Setup KPIs in BSC Designer

Video manual for the KPIs in BSC Designer

Build a strategy map, process map, or geo dashboard

Strategy Maps in BSC Designer - Video Manual

Visualize the most important KPIs on a dashboard

Business dashboards in BSC Designer

Find the indicators that need more attention

KPI data analysis in BSC Designer

Reports in BSC Designer

KPI and Scorecard Reports in BSC Designer - Video Manual

Additional tutorials

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  1. Hello
    Can I use BSC Designer on the network?
    In fact, I want to link clients on a network and transfer data between clients.

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