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One of the benefit of Balanced Scorecard is that it gives a reporting framework as well. In theory each business objective need to be aligned with at least one lagging and one leading indicator. However, in the real business world, it is not that easy. Learn the best practices about reporting with KPIs from our users.

KPI reporting and controlling with BSC Designer

BSC Designer is the perfect tool for KPI reporting and controlling according to the Balanced Scorecard method. Compared to the alternatives it offers a simple control, a user friendly interface, and graphically good looking reports that may be exported into Excel or HTML, furthermore it’s possible in this program to organize own KPI in their own categories and structure, including weight assignment very simply.

Martin Horký, Quality Manager at Karsit Holding Ltd., Czech Republic

A note from developers

Martin, thank you for your feedback. Yes, we invest in creating simple interfaces that would not require any special training.

Interface for KPIs in BSC Designer

We have followed the same approach with installation. Any business professional can download and start using BSC Designer right way with no complicated installation or database configuration needed. Our idea was to make the management of the Balanced Scorecard projects as simple as working with MS Word documents. The same approach was used when we created Online and Android editions, as all they use the same document format.

You mentioned that you use a combination of KPIs and an HTML report. According to requirements of our users in the most recent versions you can find even more functions for KPI management. For example, now you can use formulas for the values of KPIs.

As we are explaining in articles on, KPIs are just a measurement tool. The next logical step is to act according to the specific value of a KPI. For example, as a quality manager you might use KPIs to find that something is going wrong in your business process. What do you do then? Correct! You assign an action plan. In BSC Designer you can link this action plan to your KPI using initiatives.

As for an HTML report, there is one feature that I find really useful. You can publish an HTML report automatically to a company’s FTP server. If you prepare regular reports for your boss, then BSC Designer can take care of preparing this report and uploading it to the company’s server. As a result the only thing that you will need to do in order to share this report is to send the link to all involved employees.

Controlling productivity of sales managers with KPIs

The main tasks that I’m solving with the help of BSC Designer are controlling productivity and KPI of our sales managers controlling productivity of SMM managers.

Roman R., CEO, AdLaim, Perm, Russia

I’m really thankful for such a good decision to control the efficiency of our company’s sales managers. This KPI control software helps me to see the picture of people’s productivity in a very simple way. What I like most of all, is that I can see the productivity in different ways: graphics, numbers, percentage and so on. Also I can export data to Excel files, so our stuff can get the data and understand how efficient they are and in what fields exactly they need to work more. This gave us an objective view.

A note from developers:

Thank you for such an interesting feedback. I hope that from the lessons that you are getting by email after downloading BSC Designer you have learnt some new, useful techniques about the Balanced Scorecard concept and managing KPIs.

For those who will find this opinion text in search engines, I’d like to mention that the Balanced Scorecard approach is not about KPIs only. KPIs tell us a story about what’s happening with productivity right now. This is performance monitoring. The Balanced Scorecard can give us an idea about why it is happening and what we can do about this. In simple words this is performance management. Here is how both performance monitoring and management is automated in BSC Designer.

The difference is small, but this small difference is what a company can employ as a formalized approach to search and analysis business insights. This small difference can help anyone to focus company’s activities on what’ matter.

Monitor KPI, plan action and track progress

Also, a popular sales resource Salesforce published two articles by our business expert Aleksey Savkin. You might find some ideas relevant to managing your sales department as well:

Creation of the Balanced Scorecard for the bank

We use BSC Designer for creation of the Balanced Scorecard for the bank. I proposed Balanced Scorecard for an implementation using this software to demonstrate its usefulness.

Mizimo, Credit Manager,

XYZ Bank Zambia plc, Zambia

I think the product is good, I particularly appreciate the support that is available during the design process of the scorecard. The software is also quite user-friendly, making it possible to easily follow through the required steps in the design process. The tabs are separated according to various tasks of the BSC like the strategy map, KPI’s, etc so one does not get completely lost and is able to make sense of where he is.

A note from developers

Thank you for sharing your plan. BSC Designer was recognize by other users from Brazil, South Africa, Turkey as easy to use software. We are really glad to hear this as we believe that it is important to keep software simple. As you have mentioned, it is able to solve various tasks related to the Balanced Scorecard: Strategy Maps, Business Goals, KPIs, and cascading. All these parts can be used together, or one can focus on the most important part.

We know that some people prefer to start with KPIs. We wouldn’t recommend this approach as KPIs make sense only if placed in a business context. That’s why the better idea would be starting with defining of the business strategy.

A journey from a bad KPI to an excellent strategy

There is a good article on the topic: A journey from a bad KPI to an excellent strategy.

Also, you can check out some relevant case studies:

The last one is a case study with Caja Rural – financial institution in Spain. Check out this case study for more ideas about BSC implementation. You can also use it as a case to convince other stake holders.

Reporting critical business indicators

We took the challenge of using BSC Designer at our Balanced Scorecard implementation project in Lithuania. As a tool relatively easy to operate and convenient for practical realization, it helped our customers to develop efficient scorecards and as a result improve their business performance. BSC Designer helped us to realize BSC implementation project for a multi-site NGO in Lithuania.

BSC Designer gave us a solution reporting critical business indicators on a local site level. BSC Designer is directly addressing the business needs and management challenges our customer is facing.

By integrating BSC Designer and ISO based management systems IRS Consulting will be able to link business performance indicators to processes. The main goal of our client is to reduce costs and commit local employees to come up with suggestions for improvement.

At our BSC implementation project small internal group developed a strategy map based on the data needed in order to make comparable reports and discuss managerial questions. For each success criteria some performance indicators were defined and the setup was launched.

It became clear to us that the management information system needed to be much more flexible than a data warehouse and that is one of the reasons why we chose BSC Designer.

BSC Designer is a very flexible system which allows the top management to follow up on all the defined indicators continuously. It has web-based service and therefore easy to implement and deploy. In addition the balanced scorecard system makes it possible for the management to see all performances of the departments at a glance.

This BSC implementation process with BSC Designer had a very positive influence on the implementation gaining commitment from everyone and adding transparency to it. In order to make BSC project as successful to the regional managers as it is at a corporate level, our customer is currently considering also developing more strategic scorecards for central and local business development purposes, ensuring the alignment of all initiatives with the strategy of the organization.

Andrejus Kaleinikovas, Managing Partner of IRS Consulting.

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