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This page contains information about BSC Designer and Balanced Scorecard case studies.

Balanced Scorecard Case Studies

Business Application of KPIs - Case Studies

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help business professionals to keep track of their strategy, focus on what requires attention, and to predict and prevent negative trends.... Read more »

Achieving Alignment with BSC - Case Studies

The success of the Balanced Scorecard implementation depends a lot on the fact that the alignment was achieved or not. We are talking about the... Read more »

Case Study: A Business Scorecard Project Started in Excel and Moved up to BSC Designer

A case study with Pablo Avengo, MBA, IT Manager from Argentine-based manufacturing company Ventalum S.A.I.C. In this case study Pablo shares the experience of Ventalum on implementing the business... Read more »

Modeling Business Strategy With BSC Designer - Case Study

Case study with a Mexico-based software development company 2Realpeople that used the Balanced Scorecard framework automated with BSC Designer to model their commercial strategy for the next year.... Read more »

Case Study: Improve Customer Satisfaction with BSC

Case study: BSC Designer software supports the Balanced Scorecard concept in Italian IT company “Concept Italia,” Intel Software partner based in Rome. Summary Top managers of the... Read more »

Zimbabwe-Based Talent Consulting Implemented Balanced Scorecard - Case Study

Case study: BSC Designer software supports a cultural shift from “I’m doing my job” to “I do understand strategy” in Talent Consulting. Summary The case study reveals details of... Read more »

BSC Designer Unifies Goals to Develop Business Strategy

With BSC Designer I would like to summarize the tasks required to address the planning and control of the operations of the company for the... Read more »

Case Study: Mexican Finance Company Implements Balanced Scorecard

This article focuses on case study of a Mexican company GB PLUS, S.A. DE C.V.  The company operates in the Payroll discount financing industry. They sell... Read more »

Case study: Strategy Improvement and Strategic Control in Finance

BSC Designer helped CAJA RURAL DE SALAMANCA to improve the strategic and control efficiency It has been a year since CAJA RURAL had started implementation of the... Read more »

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BSC Designer Users Say

Real Use Cases of BSC Designer

Easier Balanced Scorecard with BSC Designer During my MBA I had to develop several projects that involved BSC and I had to do this by myself,... Read more »

Case Studies: Strategy Maps

People use strategy map to describe their business objectives, strategies, and support their strategy discussion. Learn about strategy map best practices shared by our users. Automated... Read more »

Automation Software for Balanced Scorecard - Case Studies

There is no one size fits all solution for the Balanced Scorecard automation. Some companies create basic KPIs in Excel and report their scorecards via... Read more »

Teaching Balanced Scorecard and KPIs - Case Studies

Among users of BSC Designer we have many teachers that need to explain business performance concepts to their students. On this page educational professionals and... Read more »

Solving Performance Challenge with Balanced Scorecard

They say that it is important to measure the performance of the business. Moreover, it is important to measure not just the hours spend on job,... Read more »

Users Apply Balanced Scorecard for the Personal Tasks

Balanced Scorecard, strategy map, and KPIs sound like something that only top manager of international company can use. Some of our users share their experience about... Read more »

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