Cascading of the Balanced Scorecard – Case Studies

Balanced Scorecard framework helps to translate the strategy across a company. When it comes to the technical realization it might be a challenging task. Check out the case studies about technical realization of the cascading.

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Cascade the objectives down to the management hierarchy

We consult companies about the ways to cascade the objectives down to the management hierarchy. We use BSC Designer to ensure successful implementation of strategic goals in these companies.

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Michael Raphael, General Manager/Owner,

Management Integrated Consultants, Beirut – Lebanon

Strategic Management implementation has been our business challenge across the different layers of management from top management down to key operations. In many business units of family owned businesses there was a problem to cascade the objectives successfully in a timely and effective manner. Our expectation from the BSC Designer program are high. We plan to assist our consulting customers in implementing the BSC concept and achieving improvement in an easy and systematic way. So far, so good.

A note from developers:

Thank you for sharing your ideas. I really like your approach to cascading. A recent survey showed that most companies limit the usage of the business scorecards to top management only and as a result are not really satisfied with their performance measurement and management. The scorecard that is used by top management only won’t be able to make any difference to the end performance results.

The map of cascading scorecards

There is a reason why companies don’t cascade. When they started their business scorecard, they used spreadsheets in MS Excel. It’s an excellent tool for a prototype, then it appears that all the data they have in a spreadsheet cannot be shared down to the management hierarchy. In other words, the system was limited by design. To avoid this we recommend starting with free editions of BSC Designer, which can be then updated to Standard or PRO editions. In this way when a company needs cascading, it will already have a suitable automation tool.

Cascading is possible even with BSC Designer Online, check out an example of simple cascading of the top level scorecard to the HR department.

We were talking about cascading in an eTraining. Here are some general recommendations:

  • Cascading is another word for delegation. You do delegate a part of the business scorecard down to management hierarchy.
  • As in the case with delegation you don’t just give an order, but you also provide tools, and instructions about how to work with a business scorecard.
  • You will face fewer problems, if you will involve your team in the design of the scorecard.
  • Business scorecard starts with a strategy map and business objectives, and then comes the KPIs. The delegation should work in the same way. On the lower level there are more detailed strategy maps focused on solving more specific business problems.

In BSC Designer PRO there is a useful type of the map. The software can build a map of cascading scorecards taking into account the connection between KPIs. Check out this for more details.

BSC Designer is an easy solution for growth of the Balanced Scorecard

We are using BSC Designer for a continuous reporting of security KPIs and in the future we may use it for all of our management processes.

 Check out LinkedIn Profile Dieter Brunner, CSO, GRZ IT Center Linz GmbH, Linz, Austria

This Balanced Scorecard software:
– is easy to use even without training;
– has an easy to understand reporting and user interface;
– has an interface for accessing your own KPIs that are already in place in Excel or Access (not yet tested, but it looks promising and it is necessary for step by step migration)

As far as being evaluated, it is a good solution for furthering the growth of the Balanced Scorecard, e.g. cascading of BSC to use for all processes.

A note from developers

Thank you for your feedback. We tried to make our software really user-friendly. At the same time BSC Designer deals with a Balanced Scorecard, which is a complex business framework and it should help users to understand this concept better. According to what our users say we have succeeded. For example, one of our clients from Saudi Arabia even mentioned that he learned from BSC Designer more than from costly BSC training.

I really like your focus on using KPIs, reporting, Excel and cascading. Let me explain. One one hand we tell our customers that Excel is good for a prototype phase of the BSC project, and on the other hand we do understand that Excel is the most popular business tool and there is a lot of data that is reported via Excel and is stored in Excel spreadsheets.

Choosing software tool for the Balanced Scorecard

Our respond to this situation are the features that you mentioned. BSC Designer can import data from Excel or in most cases it is better to link a KPI to Excel spreadsheet. BSC Designer allows exporting the data to a scorecard in Excel, it keeps all of the important formulas during an export.

What happens when the BSC project needs to be developed more and implemented on a department level? That’s where people start facing problems with Excel. It is not suitable for the BSC cascading. With BSC Designer it is still easy. A top manager can connect his scorecard to a lower level scorecard or delegate a part of his scorecard to a department.

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