BSC Designer Unifies Goals to Develop Business Strategy

With BSC Designer I would like to summarize the tasks required to address the planning and control of the operations of the company for the next year.

Eduardo Moroni, Controller, Ashoka Construcciones SA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

BSC Designer is great tool to start implementing the Norton & Kaplan Balanced Scorecard with a more sophisticated approach than an Excel spreadsheet. With this tool I can go looking for problems to solve and use the tool to try to measure the progress of corrective actions.

It is a very powerful tool to look at from different perspectives. The functionality of this software is very good for developing strategies. I work in a SME Construction company that is growing very fast and nowadays does not have an explicit strategy for next year. I think that the BSC Designer is going to help unify the goals of all divisions of the company for the next year in a joint strategy to help the owner to manage the company more efficiently.

I’m really excited that BSC Designer will help me simplify my task of controller through monitoring of key indicators (KPIs).

A note from developers

Thank you for such a detailed report about BSC Designer implementation. We know that a lot of users start with MS Excel spreadsheets and it is a great tool for prototyping, but then people are looking for something more powerful software that could support building up strategies. In BSC Designer there is a wide range of features that make it easy for the creating of the strategy map from a defined structure of business objectives.

As for strategy and its development, I like a quotation from Richard’s Rumelt “Good Strategy – Bad Strategy”:

The code of strategy is always the same: discovering the critical factors in a situation and designing a way of coordinating and focusing actions to deal with those factors.

I believe if all leaders would treat their strategy as suggested in this quotation, it would be easier to make a shift from strategy that talks more about business horizons rather than about how to achieve them.

Formalizing business goals and objectives

I think the best representation of this idea would be to say that one starts with a mission (what company is now), then future plans are explained a little bit in a “vision” statement, which is then formalized in business goals. Let’s call it the “dream part.” Then the “action part” is about developing specific plans, which consists of business objectives, their interconnections, progress tracking and performance monitoring KPIs, and a detailed action plan.


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