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Instead of maintaining home-made Excel spreadsheets business consultants choose BSC Designer software. Check out the case studies below to learn why.

BSC Designer In Management Consulting Services

Working in Management Consulting services, we are regularly facing opportunities to help our customers to get a clear view on specific management concerns. It could address general management topics for which the traditional Norton-Kaplan approach is used, but also more specific like building a scorecard for the IT department.

We find BSC Designer a very ergonomic and intuitive tool. It quickly adapts to your way to carry out the information analysis. It is simple, fast and effective. BSC Designer helps to avoid using and maintaining home-made Excel sheets and produces professional results.

Emmanuel Jaunart, founder of Mielabelo, Belgium

A note from developers

It is interesting that you mentioned the possibility of using scorecard techniques for the IT department. I think the most correct name for translating top level scorecards to department levels is a cascading process. Companies that do this demonstrate significant changes in strategy executions. The objectives of the department in this case are not separated from the strategic objectives of the company. There is a logical flow of requirements from the upper level (a scorecard for top-management) to the lower level (a scorecard for departments). That’s great that you promote this approach to your customers as well. It will be interesting to hear a story about their results.

I think that your comment about “home-made Excel sheets” is right to the point. We saw some examples of the Balanced Scorecard made in MS Excel, normally it is one spreadsheet with a list of KPIs, objectives and targets. In some cases it is accompanied with a hand-made strategic map. Let’s face the simple idea: MS Excel is a popular business tool, but it is not good for the Balanced Scorecard, especially when we start talking about presenting business objectives on a strategy map and translating them to other departments with cascading. Excel is a great tool that can help you to come up with a prototype of what’s needed, but it is not flexible enough to support complex BSC with cascading. Still, in BSC Designer there is an Excel report that can help you to create a BSC for local use.

Indicators in MS Excel Report generated by BSC Designer

BSC Designer in Consulting and IT Areas

We use BSC Designer in the consulting enterprise, here is Brazil; I have faced the task of applying the Balanced Scorecard approach in an information technology company that produces software for public services. Having only basic knowledge of the concept, working with BSC Designer helped me to understand the concept much better and helped the company with their tasks. BSC Designer appeared to be very easy to use and it provided me with a powerful functionality to realize how BSC works for a real company, not only the theory about it.

Cezar Andrade Marques de Azevedo, Consulter at Pro Max Consultoria, Brazil

A note from developers:

Thank you a lot for your opinion. You mentioned that BSC Designer helped to show how the Balanced Scorecard concept can work in practice, not only in theory. That’s correct and other users also confirm that BSC Designer helps them. Sometimes we face a situation where practical usage of the BSC concept is mysteriously hidden by BSC experts. Everyone talks about 4 perspectives and how important it is to have correct KPIs, but it is really hard to find a real example of the Balanced Scorecard that one can follow or at least analyze and learn from it.

If one does some research it is actually hard to find any Balanced Scorecard examples. Fortunately, some companies like Tesco don’t hide their scorecard (at least some parts). We have recently published free access to a detailed Dental Practice Balanced Scorecard, which was highly recognized by professional BSC communities at LinkedIn. Another example that can be used as a part of a future BSC is an Employee Engagement project that we did.

Finally, when one asks us a question: “How does the Balanced Scorecard work?” we recommend this step-by-step manual for them to read.

The heart of Balanced Scorecard strategy map

It explains how to start building a strategy map for the Balanced Scorecard and then align it with KPIs and an action plan. Actually, we provide there an instruction about how to use a Balanced Scorecard template that is delivered with BSC Designer software. Anyone can download a trial copy of BSC Designer and try it out.

Using Balanced Scorecard to Support Decision Making

I am happy to inform you that our article (“An Integrated Approach for Selecting Information Systems: A Case Study”) has been published. As BSC Designer helped us a lot in our work, we took the initiative to refer you and your company in our acknowledgments. Again, thank you for your support.

Kostas Viglas, Hellenic Open University (Athens, Greece)

A note from developers

Kostas, thank you very much for letting us know about your article. An approach to use together Balanced Scorecard and decision support methods sounds very promising.

Balanced Scorecard and decision making models

The idea of your article is to apply Balanced Scorecard together with decision support method for selecting information systems. In this case the decision support method works to generate necessary parameters and objectives of the implementation of information system, while the Balanced Scorecard is used to test these objectives against the current goals of the company.

  • In other words, BSC helps to answer a question: how can a new informational system help a company achieve its objectives.

In this sense top managers can always test/filter new business ideas that are not coherent with the current business strategy. The major issue that I foresee is that it is relatively hard to see an actual influence of the new idea on the ultimate business results. For example, vendors of information systems promote certain features of their products. In most cases it is hard to say if the usage of a specific function will allow achieving expected business results, but at least BSC will help to formulate the correct questions to ask.

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