Scenarios in Strategic Planning: Full Guide with Examples

Scenario planning helps organizations increase business resilience and prepare for future challenges. Learn how to formulate different types of scenarios and align them with overall strategy.  Key topics of the article: What is Scenario Planning? The Role in Strategic Planning and Risk Management Could We Be Better Prepared for Covid-19 with Scenario Planning? The Steps … Read more

Strategy Meetings for Distributed Team

Practical example of how a distributed team can address new challenges with a combination of three strategy sessions: Discovery, Response, Review. Here are the key topics of the article: Strategy meeting for distributed team A template for strategy meeting Example of strategy meetings Software toolkit Executive summary Strategy Sessions for Distributed Team Any organization has … Read more

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for a Strategy Scorecard

An example of using Porter’s Five Forces for strategy definition. Comparison to other competitive analysis frameworks.  Analyze competition in the context of five forces – direct competition, customer powers, supplier powers, new entrants, substitutes. The topics of the article: Porter’s Five Forces in Strategic Planning Five Forces Template + 3 steps to use it with … Read more

How to Make Data-Driven Decision

Making a decision implies several steps, from analysis of the situation to formulating an action plan. Let’s see how a data-driven decision is different from just making things happen.  Key topics of the article: Why do we need data-driven decisions? Key features of data-driven decisions Alternatives: KPI-driven management, Big Data Example: data-driven decisions vs. no-data … Read more

Support Strategic Choices with Prioritization Frameworks

Review of the prioritization frameworks that help to make data-driven strategic choices by defining a priorities model and calculating priority score.  In strategic planning, prioritization starts with defining the high-level strategic themes that work as pillars for the rest of the strategy. What about making choices on lower levels? After using the strategic themes as … Read more

KPIs for Corporate Governance Dashboard

Corporate governance is a set of rules and practices employed to control an organization and build a sustainable business. In this article, we’ll discuss the ways to quantify and measure the effectiveness of a typical corporate governance system with some performance indicators. Corporate Governance Structure A typical corporate governance structure1 is formed by the board … Read more

An Example of Using PESTEL Template for Strategic Planning

PESTEL framework is one of the popular strategy planning tools, it helps organizations to conduct an analysis of the external factors. In this article, we’ll show how a PESTEL template can be used to formulate strategic hypotheses and present them on a strategy map.  Here are the key topics of the article: Acronym and its variations … Read more

Example of Pareto Analysis for Strategy Scorecard

Use a template discussed in this article to conduct Pareto analysis for a strategy. Focus execution efforts on the strategic goals and performance indicators according to their absolute weight. Here are the key topics of the article: Introduction – Pareto analysis and strategy. Template – Pareto analysis on the Strategy Map Hard data – quantitative … Read more

Comparison of Strategic Planning Tools and Frameworks

There are a number of business frameworks that can be applied during the strategic planning process. Let’s analyse the differences between them, their advantages and application areas. Key topics of the article: Understanding Strategic Planning First Principles Thinking about Business Frameworks Strategy Execution Frameworks Strategy Formulation and Description Frameworks Strategy Planning Software Strategy Execution and … Read more