Setup Alerts & Notifications in BSC Designer

Whatever updates the value of a KPI, BSC Designer can inform a user about important changes that were made.

Video Tutorial: Automatic Alerts for KPIs

Access alerts in BSC Designer Online

To access alerts in BSC Designer Online:

  1. Open any scorecard project
  2. Go to the "Alerts" tab
  3. Alerts and notifications for the Balanced Scorecard in BSC Designer

  4. Click the "Add alert" button
  5. Select required settings for an alert and click "OK"

Alert settings

Change alert settings according to your needs:

Alerts dialog in BSC Designer


Alerts in BSC Designer can be configured to send out notifications as a webhook in JSON format.

To create a webhook URL:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to Settings > Webhooks
  3. Click Add to add Webhook URL

To use a webhook:

  1. Open any scorecard
  2. Go to the Alerts tab
  3. Create a new alert
  4. Select the name of webhook for the Who will receive an alert option