Use Balanced Scorecard Template with BSC Designer

At one can find several templates/examples of the Balanced Scorecards. Most of them are available as a BSC Designer Online scorecards with shared access rights. Any prospect user of BSC Designer Online can check out the templates and start using them for his/her own scorecard.

Video Tutorial: Create Scorecard from a Template

Copying a Template to Your Account

Here are the steps to copy a template into your account at BSC Designer Online:

  1. Log into your account. If you don't have one, create a free test account (no credit card is required to try it)
  2. Choose one of the templates, and open a template in BSC Designer Online format, for example, this might be Marketing Scorecard template
  3. Wait a few seconds until BSC Designer Online loads all the data
  4. Choose "Save to my account as..." option located in "Save" menu (make sure you have logged into BSC Designer Online first, otherwise you won't see "Save to my account as..." option):
  5. Save BSC template to my account

  6. Select a name for a new scorecard and click the "Save" button
  7. Go to "My Scorecards" section and make sure that the new scorecard is now in your account

Video Tutorial: Create Strategy Map Using Strategy Wizard

Review and Customize a Template

The template is now in your account. Now it s time to review what you have and customize it according to your needs.

  1. Go to "My Scorecards" section and click on the scorecard to open it, wait until BSC Designer Online loads all the data
  2. You will see the interface of BSC Designer Online and its main toolbar:
  3. Save BSC template to my account

  4. Click on the "KPIs" tab to review the KPIs that exist in the scorecard; with this tab you can:
    • Modify existing KPIs or create new ones
    • Enter performance data into the KPIs
    • Align initiatives with KPIs
    • Create a link to the KPIs in other scorecards
    • Learn more about working with KPIs.
  5. Finally, switch to the "Strategy map" tab, here:
    • You can see a "big picture" of your business strategy
    • Business goals, KPIs, initiatives, and the cause-and-effect logic is represented visually
    • Learn more about working with Strategy Maps.

The scorecard is ready, feel free to add more KPIs, business goals, build your own dashboard, or set up alerts. Check out "Get Started" in the user manual for more information.