Download Print-Friendly Strategy Map Template

Here you will find a print-friendly template of a strategy map. Use it to brainstorm new strategic ideas for your organization.

I like the way BSC Designer software deals with strategy maps, but sometimes for the brainstorming sessions it is worth using pen and paper. We do this on some of our live events, and I’d like to share with you a strategy map template that we use.

Download ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard's strategy map template to brainstorm your new strategy

Download PDF | View in BSC Designer Online

Each of the templates is available in PDF format so that you can download and print it. It is also available as a BSC Designer Online scorecard, so that you can open it, modify it according to your needs and save it to your own account.

Download template

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Some getting started instructions

A strategy map template includes four perspectives. The rectangles inside of the perspectives represent business goals.

A business goal includes several lines to fill in:

  • Use the first line to formulate the name of the goal
  • Use the two lines with “clipboard” icon to write down some initiatives, and some relevant budget or timing information.
  • Use the first “KPI” line to write down leading KPIs for this business goal
  • Use the second “KPI” line to write down lagging KPIs for the business goal

You can read more about strategy maps and the way to design them in this article.

Once you sorted out the ideas about your strategy, go ahead and automate goals, initiatives, and KPIs with BSC Designer tool.

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