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How can we find KPIs that will be right for our organization? How can we measure performance, ROI, values, and quality? In the “10 Step KPI System” book by Aleksey Savkin, you will find some actionable insights and examples. What is more important, is that this book will give you a system that one can use to find winning KPIs that are tailor-made for their organization.

10 Step KPI System - Front Cover. A Time-proven Approach to Finding Tailor-made KPIs for the Most Challenging Business Situations.10 Step KPI System - Back Cover. A 10-step brainstorming template is included in the printed and downloadable formats.What are the steps of 10 Step KPI System?

  1. Define measurement prism. How to break-down intangibles like “performance” and “quality” into more measurement parts.
  2. Detect blind spots. There are some typical traps with the KPIs, learn how to find and avoid them.
  3. Find constraints and success factors. What is limiting your business? What could help your business to be successful?
  4. Observe and set up experiments. How to set up experiments when something cannot be measured.
  5. Set up KPIs scale. Learn how to calculate indicator’s and scorecard’s performance data.
  6. Prioritize indicators. Do you have too many good candidates for the KPIs? Learn how to prioritize your efforts?
  7. Find leading and change metrics. The best goals are those that help you to do things differently.
  8. Self-test for measurement. What behaviour do your KPIs induce?
  9. Decrease the cost of measurement. Learn how to make systems measurable by design.
  10. Build strategy map and scorecard. Use your new KPIs to build and cascade a scorecard.

Book’s bonus

The Appendix 1 of the book is the “10 Steps KPI System Template Checklist.” In the print version you can find it on page 155. This template is a tool that will support your brainstorming efforts when you will need to search for new KPIs which are tailor-made for your organization. You will also be able to download the print-friendly PDF version of the template. Use it to engage more members of your team in finding winning KPIs:

Book's bonus: Download 10 Step KPI System Template

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