A Deep Dive Into the Core of Strategy Execution

Aleksey: Jeroen, congratulations on starting a great training platform around strategy execution domain. Let’s talk a little bit about the training and how it can help a typical strategy execution professional. Jeroen: Thanks, Aleksey. It’s a pleasure to share this with your readers. Aleksey: There is a statement that “strategy is everyone’s job.” What about … Read more

Balanced Scorecard for Small and Medium Enterprises – Interview with Ignacio Castillo

Today we are going to speak with Ignacio Castillo, General Manager and Founder of link=”http://www.demsaconsulting.com/” aid=”2396″ title=”Demsa Consulting”], a company located in Mexico that helps its clients to implement tools for the measurement of strategy using Balanced Scorecard methodology. … we should not make a large number of indicators to achieve an objective, since in … Read more

Transforming Balanced Scorecard to Support Strategic Agility – Interview with Dan Montgomery

The Balanced Scorecard evolved from a measurement system into a complex strategy execution framework. Today it helps companies all over the world to describe and execute their strategies. Properly implemented BSC is supposed to help any organization, but we often hear that managers have faced some difficulties, in which BSC did not work, and that … Read more

Many Balanced Scorecard Implementations Fail to Deliver the Value – Interview with Gavin Lawrie

10 questions to Balanced Scorecard Expert [do action=”linkedin”]https://www.linkedin.com/in/gavinlawrie/[/do]Gavin Lawrie, Managing Director at 2GC Active Management. Key interview quotes: About metrics: “Adding more measures to a BSC usually doesn’t make it better – aim for about 20.” Why many BSC fail to deliver value: “The most common reason appears to be a simple one – that … Read more