Online Training: Building Balanced Scorecard Step by Step

Get trained on strategy scorecards and KPIs – build a prototype of Balanced Scorecard for your business.

Building BSC Step by Step - Training Mechanics

Building BSC Step by Step is an online training that helps business professionals to define their strategy, describe it on a strategy map, make it measurable with performance indicators, and communicate it across their company.

The training includes a pack of 3 products:

  1. Building BSC Step by Step is our main training. In the theoretical part you will learn all key nuances about strategy execution using the Balanced Scorecard framework. In the practical part you will apply obtained knowledge and under the supervision of your trainer you will build a prototype of a balanced scorecard for your business.
  2. KPIs Training and Certification will help you to sort out the ideas about KPIs. We will talk in details about the best ways to measure business performance, and make sure that you are on the right track with your strategy. Learn more…
  3. BSC Designer specialist training will help you to become an expert in BSC Designer software. That training was designed for  business professionals who want to master the automation of the Balanced Scorecard with BSC Designer software. This training is required if you plan to become our partner. Learn more…

Below you will find the details about our main training “Building BSC Step by Step.”

Training Program

Let’s take a closer look at the program for the training.

Block 1.
Formulating and describing strategy


  • Analyzing business challenges
  • Finding the best strategy
  • Perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard


  • Strategic themes
  • Creating a strategy map with business goals
Block 2:
Tracking strategy execution with KPIs

  • Choosing the best leading and lagging indicators for your project
  • Building a scorecard with various types of indicators
Block 3:
Cascading/alignment of the strategy

  • Best practice about how to organize the discussion around the strategy
  • Cascading scorecards by business goals
  • Linking and aggregating indicator’s values
Block 4:
Implementing business scorecard
  • Employees buy-in and accountability
  • Implementing BSC into the business systems
  • Balanced Scorecard checklist
  • Communicating strategy to your team

Check out the training programs of “KPIs Training and Certification” training that is also a part of this training.

How the training is organized

The training is organized 100% online:

  • Training area online. After signing up with the training, trainee will have access to the online training area.
  • Training materials. Trainees have immediate access to all training materials (including “locked” ones).
  • Training process. Trainees have 1 week to watch training videos of the theoretical and practical parts and do a homework task.
  • Homework task review. Trainer reviews homework task, send his/her feedback, and opens the next block of the training.
  • Certification. When trainees are finished with all blocks, trainer will issue a training completion certificate.

Premium Training by BSC Designer

Premium training program

The “Premium” option is the “Full” option described above + additional live training sessions. Those training sessions can be done in the form of the online meetings or we can also arrange them on client’s site.

  • Timing: 2 full days or 8 training sessions 1.5 hours each
  • Format: online meetings or meetings on client’s site (travel costs not included)

Who should attend the training

We invite those members of the team that are normally involved in strategy discussion in your organization to join the training:

  • CEO, strategist
  • Key members of each business unit

Key take-aways

Here are some key take-aways of the training:

  • Improved ability to formulate and describe company’s strategy
  • More effective discussion around strategy using a strategy map
  • Achieving accountability and agreement about the goals by using performance metrics

Sign up

  • Full

  • $499

    per participant

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes Online training area
  • yes By email
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • Premium

  • $3,495

    max 12 trainees

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes Online training area
  • yes Email / Web meeting
  • yes
  • yes 2 full days or 8 training sessions 1.5 hours each
  • yes Training on client's site (travel costs not included)

Scorecard Expert | Speaker | CEO. Aleksey Savkin (LinkedIn, @bscdesigner) is helping companies to better formulate their strategies and make the process of strategy execution more tangible with KPIs. New book by Aleksey: 10 Step KPI System

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42 comments on “Online Training: Building Balanced Scorecard Step by Step
  1. Realist says:

    Hi, I am in India and willing to take this training. Can i participate as well?

  2. Hi! Sure, you can. This time we replaced online meetings at a fixed time with high quality video guides, so if there are no technical problems for you to watch introduction videos above, then you are welcome to participate.

  3. Anna says:

    Hi,I’m reconsidering to participate this traning. Will be there also some room to discuss specials business purposes as well?

  4. Hi Anna, it depends on the participation level, let me explain:
    – in “Guides only” there is no room for the discussion;
    – in “Full” training we will be happy to give you a feedback on your scorecard project; give you an opinion if you are moving in the right direction with your project.
    – in “Premium” you can use up to 4 hours of private consultations to discuss the special business purposes.
    You can start with “Full” training and then update to “Premium” if you feel like you have many details and nuaces to discuss.

  5. Anna says:

    Thank you for your prompt answer.

  6. Nosna says:

    Hi. The course starts on May 11 and runs for 5 weeks. Does it mean we must finish within these 5 weeks and we cannot, say, re-watch the videos after the course is finished?

    Also am I correct to assume there’s no homework for the “Guides” options?


  7. Dear Nosna, thank you for your questions!

    1. All videos are uploaded to the private section on YouTube, so you will be able to re-watch the videos any time during or after the course. Moreover, sometimes we follow up with our ex-participants with some interesting findings.

    2. With “Guides” option there is homework, but there is no feedback about your results from our side. In other words you can do all homework tasks on your own, and I believe even without our feedback it will be useful experience, or you can just watch the videos.

  8. Nine Two Nine says:

    I am also interested in BSC!

  9. gennaro di martino says:

    Can i have a transcribing of video?

  10. Dear Gennaro,
    All videos of the training have a YouTube subtitles in English that you can switch on, hope this work for you.

  11. gennaro di martino says:

    Will we receive other materials for home work?

  12. Dear Gennaro,

    All you need for the home work tasks is already included in the training. You will need to download a BSC Designer software (trial copy is fine, no need to buy a license) or sign-up with BSC Designer Online ( The rest depends on your expertise and willingness to work on your business scorecard. Looking for your participation!

  13. Ayesha says:

    I am from India and would like to participate in the training. Will it suit my timing ? I mean will it be during our ‘waking’ hours ?

  14. Hi Ayesha,

    We are not going to stress you out with online meetings at a fixed time.
    The participants of our training are from several different countries
    and continents, so it is impossible to choose a time that will work well
    for all time zones. Instead, we will prepare high quality video guides
    and send you a link by email when the video for the new training block
    is available online. In this way you will be able choose the best time
    to watch it just like you can chose the best time to watch this video
    right now.

  15. Ayesha says:

    I want to know if, after the training we can make our own Balanced Score Card only with your software ? will we have to purchase that too?

  16. Hi Ayesha,

    We will use BSC Designer software to demonstrate the practical part of
    the Balanced Scorecard. Our software supports Balanced Scorecard framework (with cause-and-effect connections, strategic themes and so on), so your knowledge will be applicable with or without our software. For sure it is recommended to use the software as it will make your life easier, but there are people who do everything on the paper and achieve good results.

    You are not obligated to buy software, during the training you can use trial version; if it has expired, we
    will provide you with an extended code so you have enough time to do all
    of your homework tasks and present your project.

  17. Ayesha says:

    Thats great.
    How much would it cost to purchase your software ?
    Also, am I on time to join the june 22 training ?

  18. Hi Ayesha,

    Yes, you are on time. Feel free to join.

    As for software, here is a price calculator: there is a choice between desktop version BSC Designer PRO and cloud version BSC Designer Online.

  19. Reinhold Just says:

    Once I have registered, for how long do I have access to each block video once it has been published?

  20. Hi Reinhold,

    Access time to the education videos is not limited. You will have the links to the videos uploaded to the private section on YouTube and will be able to check them out even after the training is finished.

    We have just started today, so you are welcome to join the group.

  21. Ayesha says:

    I think Im late again! Can I join the July 20 training or will I have to wait for the next batch ?

  22. Yes, you can, feel free to join.

  23. Ayesha says:

    I have paid up for the Full Course costing $199 . How does this proceed ?
    I got a confirmation of the payment but nothing about the course.

  24. Hi Ayesha, it was processed now. Feel free to follow the video guides and get back with your question by email if you will have any. Thank you for joining the training!

  25. Ayesha says:

    I have paid up for the Full Course costing $199 . How does this proceed ?
    I got a confirmation of the payment but nothing about the course.

  26. Ayesha says:

    I haven’t recd any video guides

  27. Please, check emails from (probably it has got into the spam folde), it was sent with “[BSC Step-by-Step] Block 1” in subject line.

  28. Atul Guleria says:

    Dear I am an HR professional & i have to deal with BSC in case of performance planning. So, i want to hone my skills in BSC.

  29. Hi Atul, good to see you here. Feel free to join the training, you’ll build the prototype of your scorecard for HR!

  30. Ayesha says:

    Hi I’m Ayesha from India. I just finished the step by step training. I run a School here and I must say this course has helped me a lot in getting my team to think strategically . I am using this to train the principal, teachers and students to plan strategically.”

  31. Alamin says:

    Dear, After training will we be able to create a balanced scorecard without using BSC Designer Software?

  32. Hi Ayesha,
    Thank you very much for your feedback!

  33. Dear Alamin,

    BSC Designer is used in the practical parts of the training to demonstrate key ideas, and for the time of the training we will generate for you a temporary licenses if needed. After the training you are free to use any software or create Balanced Scorecard even without software as ideas that you will learn will be still applicable.

  34. Jesulito Cornejo says:

    Hi Aleksey

    Is the online training still available? Further, what does training completion certificate mean? This is different from the professional certification, right? Like what you’ve mentioned in the video a lot of BSC trainings out there are for CEOs (price wise). Would you have certification trainings that is online for BSC?

  35. Hi Jesulito,

    Yes, the training is available, feel free to join in. The completion certificate issued by BSC Designer (when you complete all homework tasks) that states that you have passed the training. The certificate is neither professional (continuing education) certification, nor associated with Balanced Scorecard Institute. Looking forward for your participation.

  36. Jesulito Cornejo says:

    Hi again. Would I be allowed to use your materials to teach others about the use of BSC? I teach in a local university.

  37. The materials of the training are for the trainee and the distribution/sublicense rights are not granted. Probably BSC Designer team can give a more specific answer if we knew more details. Feel free to contact our team via contact form and we can go ahead with this discussion.

  38. Qutaiba Al Haj says:

    it is possible to know how to link Business procesess and organizational sturcture to the strategy map ?

  39. Diaa says:

    How practical is the training? How many case studies can we work on?

  40. It is one participant = one prototype of the strategy scorecard. It’s more than enough to practice necessary skills.

    When there are several participants from the same organization they tend to focus their scorecards on the challenges of their business units.

  41. Fuad Tahhan says:

    very good course, This course helped me for better understand to link between the theoretical part and practical part in establishing strategy plan

  42. Thank you Fuad, it was a pleasure to work with you during the training.

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