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Get trained on Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, OKR. Start with a free tutorial; upgrade to the complete training and certification program that consists of 5 strategy execution products.

Strategy execution training 5-in-1
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Free Balanced Scorecard Video Tutorial
From Business Model to Balanced Scorecard. Learn how to build a Balanced Scorecard using Customer Service as an example.


1 hour of training video
Mobile-friendly content
Links to the Balanced Scorecard guides

What’s inside?
In this free tutorial we will show how to build a Balanced Scorecard for Customer Service. The tutorial is divided into:

  • Part 1: Theory. The business model, challenge model, cost model. Duration: 10:48 min.
  • Part 2: Practice. Building strategy map, business goals, finding relevant KPIs. Duration: 44:03 min.

Free access to the video tutorial.

Free Access

Use this link to access free video tutorial.

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Strategy Execution Training by BSC Designer

Strategy Execution Training by BSC Designer

The Strategy Execution Training by BSC Designer includes a pack of 5 products:

  1. BSC Step by Step – Building a Prototype of BSC Step by Step.
  2. KPIs Training – Key Performance Indicators – Training and Certification
  3. Fast Track – Strategy Scorecard Fast Track
  4. OKR Toolkit – Building an OKR System That Works
  5. BSC Designer Specialist – BSC Designer Software Training

1/5 Building BSC Step by Step
Theory of the Balanced Scorecard framework + application in practice. Build a prototype of a Balanced Scorecard step by step.

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4.8 hours of training videos
Balanced Scorecard checklist
BSC templates in Excel and PowerPoint formats
Homework tasks review and feedback
Training completion certificate
Mobile-friendly content
Part 1. Formulating and describing strategy

  • Analyzing business challenges
  • Finding the best strategy
  • Perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard


  • Strategic themes
  • Creating a strategy map with business goals
Part 2. Tracking strategy execution with KPIs

  • Choosing the best leading and lagging indicators for your project


  • Building a scorecard with various types of indicators
How the Training is Organized
  • Training area online. After signing up with the training, trainee will have access to the online training area.
  • Training materials. Trainees have immediate access to all training materials (including “locked” ones).
  • Training process. Trainees have 1 week to watch training videos of the theoretical and practical parts and do a homework task.
  • Homework task review. Trainer reviews homework task, send his/her feedback, and opens the next block of the training.
  • Certification. When trainees are finished with all blocks, trainer will issue a training completion certificate.

Building BSC Step by Step - Training Mechanics

Part 3. Cascading/alignment of the strategy

  • Best practice about how to organize the discussion around the strategy


  • Cascading scorecards by business goals
  • Linking and aggregating indicator’s values
Part 4. Implementing business scorecard

  • Employees buy-in and accountability
  • Implementing BSC into the business systems
  • Balanced Scorecard checklist


  • Communicating strategy to your team
Introduction Video + Take-Aways
Here are some key take-aways of the training:

  • Improved ability to formulate and describe company’s strategy
  • More effective discussion around strategy using a strategy map
  • Achieving accountability and agreement about the goals by using performance metrics

2/5 KPIs Training and Certification
KPI Training and Certification by BSC Designer – access the time-proven system for KPIs.

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3.2 hours of training videos
Mobile-friendly content
Online certification exam

Part 1. KPIs Essentials
  • Why does one need a measurement system? (video; 5:29)
  • Understanding: quantification, measures, metrics, and KPIs (video; 15:08)
  • The link between KPIs, Key Success Factors, business goals, strategy (video; 7:33)
  • Is “…” a good goal? (video; 14:21)
  • Leading indicators vs. lagging indicators (video; 18:54)
  • Performance Indicators vs. Risk Indicators (video; 5:54)
  • KPI weight: relative importance of KPIs (video; 15:17)
  • Scorecard cascading (video; 18:13)
Part 2. KPIs Step-by-Step System
  • Defining business context
  • Finding “inputs” and “outputs”
  • Dividing “activities” and “results”
  • Finding success factors
  • Measurable by design
  • Controlled experiments
  • Finding bottlenecks
  • Measuring strategic goals
  • Formal description
  • Visualization and automation
Certification Exam
KPI Training and Certification - the preview of the certificate issued
The certification exam is conducted in the format of an online test. From a pool of cases we take 45 random questions. A participant has 60 minutes to answer all the questions. A pass level for the exam is 75% of the correct answers.In a case of successful test the participant will receive a certificate in PDF format. A certificate will also be mailed to the mail address of the participant.

Part 3. Building a performance measurement culture
  • Typical cultural challenges with KPIs
  • Managing by KPIs and reporting by KPIs
  • KPIs in the red zone
  • Organizing and cascading scorecards
Main Take-Aways
  • A detailed knowledge base that covers KPIs best practices. Anytime after the training you can get back to the training videos and refresh your knowledge on the specific topic
  • Time-proven system to find best KPIs that are right for your business.
  • Templates that you can re-use to formulate new KPIs
  • Improvement checklists to do a self-review of your KPIs and your KPI culture
  • Certificate by BSC Designer, a recognized authority in KPIs/Balanced Scorecard area
Why this training?
Performance measurement is needed in any organization. Proper KPIs help to focus business efforts on what matters, control costs, and share common vision across company.Join KPI Training and Certification by BSC Designer team, and get access to the time-proven system for KPIs.

3/5 Strategy Scorecard Fast Track
A simple, yet effective system to start building professional strategy scorecards for your organization.

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50 min long training video
Mobile-friendly content
5 follow-up questions to our experts

The content of the training part
  • Introduction of the Fast Track
  • Why do you need a strategy scorecard?
  • Strategy scorecard: terms & safety rules
  • Understanding strategy. Easy steps from a simple Venn diagram to building professional Strategy Map
  • Principles behind KPIs; understanding leading, and lagging metrics
  • An organization before and after strategy scorecard implementation
  • Strategy scorecard check list
  • Cascading strategy scorecard throughout your organization
  • Strategy scorecard automation software
  • Links to the examples
  • A final word
  • Two bonus products: “A Checklist for the Balanced Scorecard Audit” video + a secret bonus product
Simple and effective
During economic downturn a good training about strategy execution is one that is short and informative. The ideas promoted in this training should be effective, easy to implement, and should be able to drive tangible improvement today, not in the remote future.Strategy Scorecard Fast Track

That’s the core idea that stands behind Strategy Scorecard Fast Track! When creating this product we revised all our knowledge about Strategy (or Balanced) Scorecards, and packed the most important ideas into this system.

Our goal was to keep the product video under 1 hour long, so we had to update it several times, removing everything that did not fit into the criteria of easiness and effectiveness.

Why Strategy Scorecard Fast Track?
During economic downturn following a disciplined approach to the strategy execution is in a higher priority than ever before. But the questions are:

  • How can you obtain necessary knowledge quickly?
  • How can you convert knowledge into the applicable skills?
  • How can you train your team to use new methods properly?

A several days training session or a workshop is an excellent option, but these days companies neither have time, nor allocated budget to attend such events.

Warning: concentrated knowledge inside
Warning! This training is not about understanding Balanced/Strategy Scorecard theory in-depth. If that’s your goal, we can recommend for you several good books, and other training that normally takes up to 10 hours to complete (you have them included).This Fast Track contains a very concentrated knowledge that you need to have in order to improve strategy execution in your organization. Be prepared to dedicate 100% of your time to the Fast Track. We know that we are asking a lot, but that’s exactly the reason why this training is under 1 hour long.


4/5 Toolkit: Building an OKR System That Works
A toolkit designed to cut though all the hype about the OKR framework.

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1 hour 45 min long overview video
Executive summary [PDF], OKR template [MS Word]
Deck with 23 PowerPoint slides
Mobile-friendly video content
A possibility to ask 5 follow-up questions
1-page PDF checklist for OKR implementation
OKR reporting templates in Excel format

What’s inside
Building an OKR System That Works is a toolkit designed to cut though all the hype about the OKR framework.A complete overview of the key elements needed to start and implement an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework. The toolkit includes:

  • Overview video for the OKR framework
  • Deck with 23 PowerPoint slides used in the overview video you can reuse to present ideas internally
  • 1-page PDF with executive summary for CEOs
  • 1-page PDF checklist for OKR implementation
  • OKR reporting templates in Excel, Word and BSC Designer formats
  • 1-page Comparison and compatibility guides: OKR vs. MBO (Management by Objectives), OKR vs. BSC (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Q&A and possibility to ask 5 follow-up questions
Who needs this toolkit
If you are looking for the new ways to focus business efforts on what matters and make strategy everyone’s job, then this toolkit is for you. Here are some benefits of the toolkit “Building an OKR System That Works”:

  • It provides a quick way to learn more about OKR framework and have actionable plan for the implementation of the framework
  • It includes ready-to-use templates (print-friendly Word template, or Excel spreadsheet with necessary formulas)
  • It has a checklist that one can use to get started or test existing OKR implementation
  • In contains comparison tables (OKR vs. MBO and OKR vs. BSC) to help combine OKR framework with other business tools
  • Last, but not least, the toolkit also includes some interactive parts: those who buy a toolkit can ask our experts up to 5 follow-up questions about OKR framework and get their answers by email.
Introduction video

Delivery format
Immediate access to the private zone.Building an OKR System That Works is a 7-part toolkit designed to cut though all the hype about the OKR framework. It provides you with a quick reference guide that explains the most important OKR ideas, processes, use principles, and templates you need to successfully implement it in your team or organization.


5/5 BSC Designer Software Specialist Training
Master the automation of the Balanced Scorecard with BSC Designer software.

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Product training videos
Homework tasks and feedback
BSC Designer partner certificate
Mobile-friendly content

Why BSC Designer Specialist training
BSC Designer is recognized by many business professionals all over the world. We see an increasing demand for specialists familiar with our product that can help a local company to:

  • Set up KPIs
  • Move existing KPIs from Excel to automation software
  • Create professional strategy maps
  • Build strategy scorecards
Training mechanics
  • All the process is organized online, you’ll need to do some tasks and report about the results.
  • On each lesson you’ll follow the guidance of the trainer and will build your scorecard project.
  • As a result, you will know all the important details about how to work with BSC Designer software.
  • On the final step, a BSC Designer Specialist certificate will be issued.

Strategy Execution Training by BSC Designer

Sign Up – Strategy Execution Training by BSC Designer

  • choose your plan

  • 5 training products
  • Training materials
  • Training videos
  • Review of home work
  • Training certification (optional)
  • Q&A call
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  • $499

    Per participant

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  • $1996

    Team up to 5 members

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Questions and answers

Below we answer some typical questions about our training.

Q: Do you teach “Business,” “Strategy,” or “Balanced” Scorecard?
Ted Levitt once said:

  • People don’t buy a quarter-inch drill bit; they buy a quarter-inch hole.

Regarding scorecards, I would say:

People don’t need Scorecard, they need a way to describe their complex strategies, communicate and then execute them.

For this very reason, in our training, we are not locked into the Balanced Scorecard concept. It gives a lot of meaningful ideas about strategy description, but we can also learn a lot from other frameworks, like for example 7-S or Hoshin Kanri. For some companies, simpler approaches work much better than complex ones.

Q: Why training with BSC Designer? What makes you special?
We have a strong practical background in the topic:

  • We have helped companies all over the world to solve their management and measurement-related problems with scorecards. Check out the case study section to get an idea about who our customers are and what kind of problems they have solved.
  • We are authors of “BSC Designer” software for the business scorecard. That’s why during the training, we are not talking about abstract theory, and we are always trying to show how it works in practice. Still, we don’t insist on the usage of our software.
  • We have our own KPIs library as well as solid experience with designing KPIs that work.
  • Our trainers wrote books on the topic of Balanced Scorecard, KPIs (check out the latest one), their articles were seen on Forbes and industry-specific strategy magazines. You might have heard them speaking about the strategy at professional conferences.

There are various training/certification programs for the Business/Balanced Scorecard/KPIs available on the market. Most of them suggest excellent value and are taught by experienced lecturers. We are different as we focus our training on practice. It’s like riding a bicycle:

You can hire the Olympic champion to teach you; you can read many books on the topic (yes, there are such books!) or visit expensive training, but the most important thing is that you start trying to ride.

For our training, we don’t hire Olympic champions, but we help you to try all the ideas that we teach as soon as possible.

Q: Do you work with MBA programs?
According to the research, the toolkit of the most successful executives includes business scorecards. This explains a strong interest from the part of MBA students in modern strategy execution frameworks. The MBA classroom is something special for us. On the one hand, we need to teach the theory of the concept; on the other hand, we want to share some practical experience.

To achieve these two goals, we use examples of real business scorecards, like those that companies use.

After “playing” with those scorecards, students became really enthusiastic about the Business Scorecard approach, and we believe that our first goal was successfully achieved in this case.

Q: Do we need BSC Designer software to join the training?
We will use BSC Designer software to demonstrate the practical part of the Balanced Scorecard, but your knowledge will be applicable with or without our software. For sure it is recommended to use the software, as it will make your life easier, but there are people who do everything on paper and still achieve good results.You are not obligated to buy the software, as during the training you can use trial version; if it has expired, we will provide you with an extended code so you have enough time to do all your homework tasks and present your scorecard.

Q: Can we sell training materials to others?
The materials of the training are for the trainee and the distribution/sublicense rights are not granted.
Q: Do you have free training?
We do free webinars regularly. Check out the webinar program and watch the recording of the previous webinars.You can also access free video tutorial for the Balanced Scorecard mentioned above.

Q: How can I get trained in BSC Designer software?
You can start with free online lessons for the BSC Designer product. After this, you can do a “BSC Designer Specialist” training, which is a part of “Balanced Scorecard Step by Step.”
Q: What about conference talks and workshops?
BSC Designer participates in professional conferences where we normally run some tutorial classes. Find below information about upcoming events. The BSC Designer team will be happy to meet with you and help with strategy scorecards and KPIs.

  • [Master Class] Strategy Execution Master Class by Jeroen De Flander  – Brussels, Belgium – 26th-27th August 2019. Mention BSC Designer promo code. Find our strategy brainstorming template in hangouts. Learn more…

Contact us if you want to meet up at one of these events.

Past events:

  • [Conference] X Jornadas de Estrategia  – Zaragoza, Spain – 6 and 7 June 2019. Meet BSC Designer team there.
  • [Demo Day] “BSC Designer Demo Day.” Let’s meet on X Jornadas de Estrategia, 5 June 2019, Zaragoza, Spain.
  • [Tutorial] “Performance Measurement for an Agile Organization.” Agilia Conference 2018, 9-13 April 2018, Olomouc, Czech Republic.
  • [Tutorial] “Innovative environment – how to measure its performance and prioritize innovative efforts.” OOP week: Feb 5 – 9, 2018 München, Germany.
  • [Tool session]Communicate strategy more effectively and engage workforce in company objectives.” 22nd Annual SCIP European Summit.
  • [Tutorial] “Preventive quality metrics.” Software Quality Days. January 17th to 20th 2018, Vienna, Austria.
  • [Talk] “20 ideas to improve your quality measurement system.” Software Quality Days. January 17th to 20th 2018, Vienna, Austria.
Q: What is the best way to stay in touch with you?

Follow us on Facebook, join our group at LinkedIn.

Get more ideas about KPIs and Scorecards

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Q: Do you have a coaching program?

Yes, we have a Strategy Execution Coaching program.

Q: For how long will I have access to the training materials?

Access time is not limited. You will have immediate access to all training materials (even to the locked steps).

Q: When does the training start?
You can join training at any time. Each participant follows his/her pace.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to send us a question via the contact form.

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BSC Designer is a Balanced Scorecard software that is helping companies to better formulate their strategies and make the process of strategy execution more tangible with KPIs.

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How Business Professionals Use BSC DESIGNER

Strategy map
Capture their thoughts about strategy on a strategy map
Track leading and lagging indicators to calculate performance
Engage employees in strategy execution and keep team accountable
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