Agile Strategy Coaching by BSC Designer

Strategic planning is about setting priorities, understanding challenges, finding improvement points and making the execution process measurable.

At BSC Designer, we have more than 15 years’ experience in the strategy execution domain. This coaching program is an opportunity to create an agile strategy under the supervision of our experts.

Agile Strategy Coaching

Agile Strategy is Different

Here is how agile strategy is different from a classical strategic plan.

Classical strategic plan Agile strategic plan
A classical strategic plan is a long text document that works well for the annual meeting. The main part of the agile strategic plan is a one-page strategy map that your team will consult frequently.
A classical strategic plan talks about vague goals that are hard to explain and execute. An agile strategic plan makes goals specific by aligning leading and lagging metrics.
A classical strategic plan is for top managers only, and as a result, it lacks effective execution (strategy execution gap). An agile strategy can be cascaded and aligned with team and individual challenges.

Agile Strategy Coaching by BSC Designer Includes

  • Free diagnostic call with our consultant
  • 5 well-defined steps to formulate and prepare your strategy for execution
  • Online meeting sessions with BSC Designer experts full of feedback and strategic insights

Mechanics of the Coaching Sessions

Before getting to the actual coaching sessions, we will start with a free diagnostic call where we will discuss your needs and explain our approach in detail.

The coaching program is divided into 5 steps. Here is a typical mechanics of a step:

a. Analysis session.
We will do the analysis session to discuss your current situation in the context of the step.Format: 30-45 minutes online call.
b. Client work session.
Your team will follow our guidance and recommendations from the Analysis session to formulate the results for this step.Format: 2-3 hours of work in team.
c. Review session.
We will review the results delivered by your team and share our feedback.Format: 15-30 minutes call or a screencast video review.
d. Final session.
Your team will implement corrections if needed, and we will close the step by summarizing achieved results.Format: a 15 minutes call.

5 Steps of the Agile Strategy Coaching

Here are the 5 steps of the Agile Strategy coaching.

Mission and Values

Step 1. Formulating Mission, Vision, Strategic Priorities, Core Values

We will guide you through the process of formulating your mission, vision, strategic priorities, strategic results, core values.

Step results:

  • Your team will prepare a template of a strategy map with a formulated mission, vision, strategic priorities, core values.
  • The BSC Designer expert will give you feedback and improvement ideas.

Strategy map

Step 2. Creating a Strategy Map for Your Organization or Business Unit

We will guide you through the process of converting your current business challenges into strategic goals, understanding the cause-and-effect relationship between them, and mapping your findings on the strategy map.

Step results:

  • Your team will have strategic goals, linked by cause-and-effect connections on your strategy map template.
  • The BSC Designer expert will review the map and share his/her feedback.


Step 3. Finding Performance Measures for Your Strategy

On this step, we will help you to convert your strategy into something measurable and tangible by finding proper performance metrics. We will look at some industry-standard KPIs, as well as help you to find some good leading and lagging metrics.

Step results:

  • Your team will align leading and lagging metrics with business goals on your strategy map.
  • The BSC Designer expert will help you to pick the best ones.


Step 4. Formulating Action Plans

On this step, you will formulate your action plans and align them with your business goals and KPIs.

Step results:

  • Your team will align action plans and initiatives with business goals on the strategy map
  • The BSC Designer expert will review initiatives and goals and suggest corrective actions if needed


Step 5. Prepare for Cascading and Communication

You will prepare your strategy map for effective cascading and communication.

Step results:

  • Your team will formulate who is responsible for the execution of the strategic goals and understand how different strategies are connected.
  • The BSC Designer expert will review your cascading approach and suggest improvements

Expected Results of the Agile Strategy Coaching

  • Strategic plan (strategy map + performance metrics + initiatives) designed by your team under the supervision of the BSC Designer coach.
  • Crystal-clear understanding of where your business is now, what are your challenges, and how you can overcome them.
  • Shift from vague goals to tangible and measurable objectives. Getting employees on the same page.
  • Having a strategy ready for cascading and execution.

Who Should Participate

Strategy execution should be everyone’s job in the organization. This coaching program is dedicated to evangelists of strategic planning. Those people don’t necessarily have a formal position of CEO or strategist, but they will help others to get started.

Free Diagnostic Call

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Here are some questions that we think you would like to ask.

Do You Do Consulting or Coaching? Will You Do Everything for Us?

We do coaching because your strategy is unique.

  • We know well the strategy execution frameworks like Balanced Scorecard and goal management frameworks like OKR and have extensive experience in applying them in practice, but we are not experts in your domain.
  • The members of your team are experts in their business and better understand the challenges that they face now.

We see our goal in helping clients to organize their thoughts around strategy and convert them into a tangible form of strategy map with performance measures and initiatives.

What is a Timeline for the Program?

It depends on the client’s pace:

  • Sometimes, you have immediate answers to the topics that we discuss.
  • Sometimes, you will require a few days to brainstorm the necessary information with your team.

On average, it takes 1-3 months to pass from step 1 to step 5.

Do We Need to Buy BSC Designer Subscription?

Not at all, but you will use BSC Designer.

We believe BSC Designer is the most agile strategy execution software on the market (and many users agree with us).

We know that some consultants deliver all the results in office text editing software, but we value your time, and we value our time, which is why we will ask you to use BSC Designer when working on the steps of the coaching program.

  • You will always have access to your strategic plans created with the software using freeware BSC Designer Reader.
  • We will provide you with a free 3-month subscription for BSC Designer Online if needed.
  • Anytime you can switch to a paid version of BSC Designer if you decide to keep using it.

What is the Price of the Coaching?

We will start with a free diagnostic call where we can discuss how we can help you. The results of this diagnostic call is a step-by-step coaching plan designed according to your needs. We will estimate the number of sessions needed to finish each program step. Our rate is USD 120 per 30-45 minutes session.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Sure, there is!

We hope that the perceived value of our efforts will be much higher than the costs of the coaching. But sometimes the style of coach and client simply don’t match. In this case, you have 30 days from payment date to ask for a refund of the current step.

  • If you have just started, you can ask for a refund of step 1.
  • If you moved to step 3, we assume that you liked the results of step 1 and step 2, so you can ask for the refund for step 3 only.

Is There a Free Consultation Call Before We Start?

Yes, please contact us to agree about a free diagnostic call. We will discuss where our team can help you.

Can You Deliver the Same Program in the Form of an Onsite Workshop?

We can. A similar program can be delivered in the form of an intensive 2-day workshop on the client’s site. Let’s start with a free diagnostic call and discuss your needs.

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