Import Values From Excel

In most cases you will need to import data into your Balanced Scorecard from an external file, such as an MS Excel spreadsheet. Here are instructions for how to import values into a Balanced Scorecard project.

Here is the source project file:

Source data display in MS Excel

For testing purposes you can download this Excel file.

Step 1 - Select the recipient for data import

To start import for many indicators, select "Import values" option in KPIs menu.

If you need to import data for a specific indicator:

Step 2 - Select the data source

Then select the source for your data, which could be an CSV file, MS Excel file or data that you will enter manually (copy and paste from your data source). If you enter data manually, you will be able to specify some custom delimiters for telling the program how to parse these data.

Select data source

Step 3 - Associating columns in source data with indicators' properties

For the next step you will need to tell BSC Designer the meaning of columns in the data that you are importing.

Associate columns with data field of indicator

Additional recommendations:

Step 4 - Preview

BSC Designer will show you a preview of the imported data:

Preview expected results of import

Step 5 - Import results

When you finish the import process, you will see the imported indicators in BSC Designer. Click on the dates in the calendar to make sure that the right data were imported for the right dates:

Results of import in Balanced Scorecard Tree