Build a KPI Using External Data Source in XML or JSON Formats

BSC Designer allows you to access data in XML or JSON format available online and use it or a KPI value. This is one of the possible ways to integrate BSC Designer with a 3rd party data source. This way requires some development on the client's side, but it is a good alternative to the usage of SQL indicators.

Create HTTP indicator

Here are the steps to create an HTTP powered indicator.

1. Open a new or existent BSC project

2. Select "New HTTP indicator" command in the KPIs menu.

3. Specify script access URL and the necessary parameters


Several parameters can be passed by BSC Designer to external script:

If necessary, BSC Designer can convert the date parameter into the date format required by your script.

Script response

Server response should be in XML or JSON format. 

An example of server response in XML format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<root><value>20.1</value><name>New indicator</name></root>

An example of server response in JSON format:

BSC Designer will read only value field in the response. Other fields will be ignored.

Test scripts

In the "New HTTP indicator" dialog there are test scripts that show how one can pass data to XML or JSON scripts. Try using this two strings in BSC Designer and in web browser to see how to pass parameters and read server response: