Analysis in BSC Designer

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Indicators from a business scorecard are a great source of information. KPIs, Dashboard, and Strategy Maps show you a picture of today's performance, but an analysis of historical data provides a lot of business insights as well.

Analysis tab in BSC Designer

With the "Analysis" tab in BSC Designer it is possible to find:

Each type of analysis has its own options, but there are some common elements of the interface as well:

Let's review all of the types of analysis that BSC Designer provides. 

"Performance / Progress" Analysis

If use this type of analysis, BSC Designer will calculate an average of the performance and the progress for all of the indicators.

Use this type of analysis to find the top performing indicator, or the indicators that were underperforming over a period of time.

"Absolute weight" Analysis

As it was explained in the "KPIs" section of the manual, all indicators in BSC Designer have a "weight" property that shows the relevant importance of an indicator compared to another one. The ultimate importance of an indicator depends on its weight, and the weight of its parents.

On the "Absolute weight" tab you can find the indicators that have the biggest or smallest absolute weight. In this way you can find the indicators that impact your scorecard the most.

"Forecast" Analysis

On the "Time" chart for an indicator one can see a trend line that is a linear estimation of how the value of an indicator changes. The forecast analysis does a similar linear estimation for an indicator's value.

"Value" Analysis

With this type of analysis you can have an overview of your indicators. 

The program will show:

Use this type of analysis to check out the average indicator values for a period of time.

"Update time" Analysis

As it was discussed in the "KPIs" part of the manual, each indicator in BSC Designer can have its own update interval. One way to make sure that all of the indicators are updated on time is to use the "Alerts" tab, but sometimes it is necessary to have all of the update details in one place. Use "Update time" analysis for this purpose.

BSC Designer will list all of the indicators of your scorecard and display three columns with updated information:

"Biggest gain/loss" Analysis

With this option one can easily find indicators that changed significantly. You can choose to look at the changes of indicators:

You can also choose if you want to compare the current value to the previous value or to some value in past.

The results are displayed in the "Gain/Loss" column. Click on the column to sort results from the biggest gain to the biggest loss and vice versa.


The "Analysis" tab in BSC Designer can give some really interesting business insights. You might find indicators that are underperforming, indicators that changed their value rapidly, predict trending to a red zone, or find indicators that were not updated on time. These findings will help your team to improve the ultimate performance of your business.