Analysis in BSC Designer

Forecast the value of an indicator or find worthwhile performing indicators over a period of time with Analysis function in BSC Designer PRO.

Performance / Progress

Find top performing indicators, or indicators that were underperforming over a period of time.

Absolute Weight

The weight property of the indicator defines its relevant importance. Absolute weight analysis helps to find indicators that impact the scorecard the most.


The forecast analysis uses historical data and does a linear estimation for an indicator's value.

  1. Go to the Analysis tab
  2. Select the Forecast analysis
  3. Select any indicator below
  4. Enter a date in the Target date field
  5. Check the Forecast value column for the forecasted value
  6. Enter a value into the Target value field
  7. Check the Forecast date column for the date when the entered value is expected


Select an interval using the time controls. BSC Designer PRO will show:

Update Time

Biggest Gain/Loss

Find indicators that changed significantly in terms of:

Click on the Gain/Loss column to sort results.