Power KPI with the Results of Surveys in BSC Designer

In some cases the value of the KPI is not taken from a database, but is based on the opinion of several experts. In BSC Designer this data source that is called "Data series," it will help to enter the results of survey, calculate an average score, and track it over time.

Here are the steps to use the "Data series."

  1. Create a new indicator where the value should be calculated according to the type of survey. For example: 'Product Quality' might be determined according to the interview with several end customers or experts.
  2. Click "Data source" button Data source button and select "Data Series" as a data source option.
  3. "Data series" tab will appear in the list of the tabs below.
  4. In the "Group" drop list select a group "Default" or create a new group. The group is the name of the survey that we want to conduct.
  5. Use the "Add series" button to add an appropriate number of series.
  6. For example: if you interviewed 3 experts then you need 3 series. You can use experts' names for the names of series. To rename existing series you need to double click on it in the table.
  7. One of the columns in the "Data series" table is named "Active," it defines what data the software will show for this indicator on KPIs tab.
  8. Enter the data for KPI in "Data series" or switch to the KPIs tab and enter the data into the "value" field of active KPI.
  9. Repeat two previous steps for other experts
  10. Go to the "Data series" tab and check "Active" radio box for the "Group result" raw.
  11. The "Value" of an indicator is now calculated as an average of expert scores

Following these steps one can add interview/survey data in KPI in BSC Designer.

Here are some useful tips and tricks for this function: