Dashboards in BSC Designer

Video manual Check out video manual for "Dashboard" function

A typical business scorecard project includes many indicators that help monitor business performance and track the progress towards business objectives. Sometimes is it necessary to have a single view of specific indicators only.  

Dashboards in BSC Designer

For some indicators it is necessary to see how they were performing in the past, and for others the current performance figures are of more importance.

In BSC Designer we have dashboards that can be configured to display the most important charts for indicators.

All the dashboards controls are located on the "Dashboard" tab. Here you have:

To add a new chart to a dashboard click the "Add" button. From the appeared sub menu you can:

When adding a new chart the program will suggest for you to select a source indicator and the type of the chart. 

On the dashboard you can use all of the types of charts supported by BSC Designer. Check out the appropriate section of the manual for the details about specific chart types.

In BSC Designer you are not limited by a single dashboard only. You can add more dashboards and visualize on them various aspects of your scorecard project. If you need to share a dashboard you can generate a dashboard report using the "Report" button on the right.

With dashboards one can have a quick view of what's going on in the business right now. Make sure that your scorecard projects includes dashboards that will support your decision making process and will work as an early warning signal if something goes wrong in the company.