Dashboards in BSC Designer PRO

Dashboards in BSC Designer PRO can be configured to display the most important charts for indicators.

Adding charts to the dashboard

Follow these steps to configure a dashboard according to your needs:

  1. Go to the Dashboard tab
  2. Create a new dashboard if necessary
  3. Click "Add..." button and select "Chart" command
  4. Select data source indicator
  5. Select type of the dashboard
  6. Select data to visualize (e.g. value, progress, or performance)
  7. Click "OK" to finish

Free charts

In the chart adding dialog there is a "Display data for KPI items selected in KPI tree on the left" checkbox. If checked, BSC Designer PRO will make a chart that will use the indicator selected on the left as a data source.

Additional controls

Some charts have additional controls that allow:

Export chart

"Export to image" button allows exporting chart as an image file.