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BSC Designer is a performance management software. It supports the Balanced Scorecard framework, which according to yearly studies continues to be one of the most popular tools for planning and executing a business strategy.

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Using performance management tools like this can be an important way of keeping track on the progress of your business. It gives you vital information about what's happening now and it also provides the starting point for a system of target-setting that will help you implement your strategies for growth.

Knowing how the different areas of your business are performing is valuable information in its own right. But, a good measurement system will also let you examine the triggers for any changes in performance. This puts you in a better position to manage your performance proactively.

Executives all over the world use business or balanced scorecard frameworks to describe and execute their company's strategies.
Balanced Scorecard is one of the 5 top used business tools

For most people though, a word like "scorecard" is about managing KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators. And, we agree, as it's a must-have part of any business scorecard as it allows you to monitor the current business performance.
That's why we created BSC Designer. Because most business professionals want to manage their company better through strategic planning for future business objectives and initiatives, and sharing this vision with their team.

The goal with our performance management software is to let everyone in the company see the big picture of what's going on -- and how a specific initiative could help improve business performance -- including the jobs of everyone in the company.

Now, to describe this big picture, top managers and their teams need to create strategy maps. BSC Designer lets you do just that. With a new strategy map, you can capture business insights that you have, and convert them into business objectives linked with each other by cause-and-effect connections.

These business objectives will be aligned with specific indicators and initiatives giving everyone in the company a clear road map to business success.

That is a short version of our philosophy and about the business scorecards themselves. We implemented these ideas in our scorecard software, though, and we are communicating them via info-products, books, and articles here on bscdesigner.com.

Now, as you can see, a professional business scorecard will help you not only with planning, but with execution as well. We know that your biggest challenge with business scorecards is not only about KPIs. The major challenge you currently have is getting all the vital parts of the scorecard together, such as:

BSC Designer is an excellent choice for these tasks! It simplifies the complexities of your company in an easy to use and easy-to-understand way.
Check out the testimonials of past and present users as well as proven case studies on bscdesigner.com. You'll find that our tools helped them and it can help you too.

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Lastly, if you need any assistance with your business scorecard project or our software, send us a message and we'll make sure to help you in any way.