Introduction to BSC Designer PRO

BSC Designer PRO is a strategy execution software which business professionals use to manage their scorecards, KPIs, and strategy maps.

Use BSC Designer PRO to:

  • Describe business goals and connections between them on a strategy map
  • Track strategy execution with leading and lagging indicators
  • Do a quick analysis of the indicators, forecast their values
  • Visualize performance data on dashboards
  • Keep the team informed about important changes of KPIs

Below is a review of the most important functions of BSC Designer PRO.

KPI ManagementTrack KPIs. Manage the most important performance indicators. Define the relative weight of the metrics. Track leading and lagging performance of business goals. Read more...
Stategy mapStrategy maps. Create visually appealing strategy maps. Show the cause and effect logic between the goals. Visualize aligned initiatives and indicators. Use strategy maps to discuss new ideas with your team. Read more...
Reporting Reports. Create performance reports. Calculate the total cost of all initiatives. Prepare an action plan report. Share your findings on the presentation slides. Read more...
Import business dataImport data for KPI. Import performance data from a spreadsheet or SQL database. Cascade scorecards by linking goals and indicators. Read more...
More features: