Cascading Scorecards in BSC Designer PRO

Ensure business scorecards are connected. Learn how to cascade scorecards by indicators or business goals in BSC Designer PRO.

Create Imported Indicator

  1. Go to the KPI tab
  2. Select any indicator
  3. Switch to the Data tab below
  4. Click the Data source buttonData source button
  5. Select the Link to BSC Designer project option
  6. Select one of the importing options:
    • From file - connect to the locally stored scorecard
    • BSC Online - connect to the scorecard stored in BSC Designer Online (recommended)
    • Local - connect to the indicator in the current scorecard
  7. Click the Select button
  8. Select the name of the indicator to import
  9. Click OK to finish

Useful Tips

  • Use Update imported indicators in the Tools menu to update imported values
  • The name and the weight of the imported can be customized in the recipient scorecard
  • The value of the imported indicator can be changed in the source scorecard only