Linking Scorecards Together by KPI with BSC Designer

With BSC Designer, one can access KPI data from other BSC Designer projects. In this way it is possible to link several scorecards to the main one. For example, a financial director might be in charge of developing financial indicators; HR manager might be responsible for HR-related metric, or a CEO can have key data from several scorecards.

Storage options for an external project

In order to access KPI data the project should not necessarily be located on a local computer, here are all supported options:

Here are some important details that one needs to understand about linking to external KPIs:

Getting KPI data from external scorecard

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select an indicator or create a new one
  2. Click  Data source button "Data source" button
  3. Select the "Link to BSC project" option
  4. Select one of the importing option:
    • If you wish to link to the local file, select the "From file" tab;
    • If you wish to link to a file located on a web server, select the "HTTP" tab. 
    • If you wish to link to a file stored on FTP server, select the "FTP" tab
    • If you wish to link to a project stored in BSC Designer Online (or BSC Designer Server), select the "BSC Online" tab;
  5. Then you should click the "Select" button from the "Step 2" and select the name of the indicator to be imported.
  6. Once you click OK, you will see the name of the new indicator on the KPI tab, and you can change its local name and weight.

Link to external BSC project

Delegating indicators

Sometimes it is convenient to "delegate" an indicator or a container with several indicators. In this case BSC Designer will execute two functions:

The author of the original project will no longer be able to edit the indicators, but it will still be possible to view their values. The owner of the new project will be responsible for updating the indicators' values.

To delegate indicators find the required indicator or container on the KPI tab, right click on it, and select "Export/Delegate menu."

Integration by independent developers

Independent developers can create applications which will help to integrate scorecards with any business solution.

Here is the list possible parameters:

The following scenario shows how BSC Designer can be integrated with other applications:

  1. A software developer can create a program which reads passed parameters (such as the "name of an indicator") and as a result creates a simple .bsc file (the .bsc file is in XML format, which is accessible to third-party developers).
  2. The user in BSC Designer selects "Run script before import," specifies the application and the necessary parameters, for instance "script.exe %indicator_name%"

As a result, the program will run the script before reading data, and the script will create the necessary information to read and pass it to the user's scorecard.

Sometime it is a good idea to develop a script and use the described scheme, but it is also possible to import data using SQL indicators.