Initiatives and Action Plans

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An action plan is an important part of any business scorecard. We can have KPIs, business goals, and strategy maps, but the final and the most important step is always an action. BSC Designer allows you to align any business goal or indicator with an initiative. 

An initiative in BSC Designer might be: 

Some member of your team will work according to the defined plan. BSC Designer allows you to specify a person responsible and make sure that this person receives important notifications about an indicator and receives updates on an indicator's value on a regular basis. 

Initiatives dialog in BSC Designer

Access an initiative dialog

In the interface of the program initiatives are marked with a "clipboard" icon. There are several ways to access an initiative:

Note: All items that already have an initiatives aligned with them are marked with an "initiative" icon. You can click onto this icon to access the "Initiatives" dialog.

Initiative dialog

In the "Initiatives" dialog you have:

Initiatives settings

An initiative in BSC Designer can have certain settings.

Initiatives report

In a business scorecard project one might have many initiatives associated with indicators or business objectives. Sometimes it is necessary to have a list of all of these initiatives together with important details and names of the persons responsible. To create this list you can use the "Initiatives report" command in the "Reports" menu.

BSC Designer allows you to choose what initiatives you'd like to see in this report. You can create just a list of all of the initiatives sorted by date or you can generate a report with all of the business objectives and indicators from your project together with the details about all of the existing initiatives.

If your project is big one, you can choose to generate this report for some specific branch. For example, you can generate this report for initiatives from a "Financial" perspective only.

Initiatives in BSC Designer are a great way to keep a track of all of your important action plans and action reports. You don't need to have here a detailed log of everything that is happening in your company, as we are sure that you have your favorite teamwork tools for this. But you can add some important details that will help your team to make a right decision about business objectives and indicators.