Initiatives in BSC Designer PRO

Use initiatives to describe action plans for the goals and KPIs; include data for budget, timeline and the person responsible.

To access initiatives:

  1. Go to the KPI tab
  2. Select any indicator or goal
  3. Switch to the General tab below
  4. Click on the Initiatives button

Initiatives dialog in BSC Designer

The settings for an initiative:

  • Name of the initiative
  • Details - additional information about the initiative
  • Status of the initiative (statuses are defined in menu Tools > Application Options > Workflow tab)
  • Timeline - start date, deadline, and duration for an initiative
  • Budget associated with the initiative
  • Duration of the initiative
  • Documents - a link to the external documents
  • Owners for the initiative; this is used on strategy maps and for the alerts

BSC Designer can generate an Action plan report that will include all the initiatives.