Command Line Interface

A command line interface is available in BSC Designer. Using the command line interface, you can generate Excel reports in silent mode. This is very useful when you need to integrate BSC Designer with another business application.

The interface for the command line is: [Filename] [-export FileName] [-overwrite]

For example, if you need to export the file "Scorecard1.bsc" into Excel file "Report.xls," you should use the following parameters when launching BSC Designer from a third-party tool:

When using long paths to the files, be sure to use quotation marks, as in "C:\program files\BSC Designer\..."

Time points in reports

BSC Designer supports time points. If you are using time points and need to get a report for a certain date, use the "-date" parameter + date as it is according to your current computer settings, for instance:

Scorecard Performance Report via command line

It is possible to generate Scorecard Performance report through the command line interface. For that function you should specify the starting and ending date for the report and add the -html option in the command line

Other reports:

Exporting strategy maps

BSC Designer supports strategy maps. The strategy map can be exported using BSC Designer's interface or the command line:

Command line syntax:

Sample: export of an existing map.

Sample: export of a map as a snowflake.

Sample: create a report that includes all supported strategy maps

Updating SQL indicators

To update SQL indicators via the command line use this syntax: