Automate Expert Surveys with Data Series Function

Learn how to power indicators with data from surveys and expert interviews using Data Series function.

For example, it's hard to say if a proposed innovation idea is good enough, and how it compares to the alternatives. In those cases, a solution is to survey several experts and use the average of their opinions as an estimated value for the indicator. Data Series function in BSC Designer will help to keep track of such surveys.

Data series in BSC Designer Online

Enable Data Series

To enable data series in BSC Designer Online:

  1. Open any scorecard
  2. Select indicator that you want to use in the data series
  3. Select Enable series command in the Tools menu

A new tab Data series will appear.

Groups of Data Series

Data series can be organized into groups.

For example: use "Innovation analysis" as a group name.

Adding Evaluation Parameters

Survey questions or evaluation parameters are the indicators from a scorecard. Follow these steps to add a new indicator to the data series group:

  1. Select required group in the Active group drop list
  2. Click on Add KPI button (a blue button located on the right)
  3. Select some of the indicators from your scorecard and click OK

A new indicator will appear as a new column name.

Adding Data Series

Data series can be the name of experts that will participate in the survey. To add a new data series:

  1. Select required group in the Active group drop list
  2. Click on Add series button
  3. Enter a new series name (for example, expert's name)

A new data series will appear as a new row name.

Entering Data

Use the data series table to enter performance data.

  1. Locate a required data series raw (a required expert name)
  2. Locate a required KPI (a question that you ask the expert)
  3. Enter the value into the cell (the value is an expert's opinion about the asked question)

Another way to enter data:

  1. Make data series active (as described below)
  2. Go to the KPIs tab and select appropriate indicator
  3. Enter the data in this indicator

Go back to the Data Series tab to make sure that the data was entered properly.

Time Points are Supported

Indicators used in the Data Series are normal indicators of BSC Designer with all of their properties, including time points.

For example: It is possible to capture the survey results for different days and later analyze how the survey score was changing over time.

Calculating Group Results

The group results for all KPIs will be displayed in the last raw.

The data for the group results is calculated using the KPIs' values and their grouping type. You can use KPIs with different grouping type (e.g. average, sum, min, max).

Data Shown in the Value Field

The last column of the Data Series table contains several buttons with caption Active.

The value for the active data series will be visualized:

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