Case Study: The Balanced Scorecard To Streamline Controlling

Slovenia-based provider of information security services Astec d.o.o. started the Balanced Scorecard project to implement controlling in their business processes. The company plans to aggregate business-critical data from various business systems and feed it into the Balanced Scorecard database.

Company profile

Balanced Scorecard is used to implement controllingMarko Skubic, councilor from Slovenia-based Astec d.o.o. shared his vision about implementation of the Balanced Scorecard project in his company.

  • Astec d.o.o. based in Ljubljana, Slovenia provides information security services in the domain of networks, clouds, data centers and managed services.

Why the Balanced Scorecard?

The company decided to implement controlling in their business processes. When the study about controlling was conducted it was found out that the Balanced Scorecard approach might be used as a core of controlling by simply defining the KPIs and taking control of all the parts of the business.

Integrating the Balanced Scorecard in company’s business environment

The business toolkit of the company consisted of CRM, financial applications and a work tracking system. The set of these tools formed a kind of ERP system, where the data is stored and can be accessed by using SQL calls. The usage of this database and SQL calls permits the company to export the data regularly into the Balanced Scorecard system.

Balanced Scorecard step-by-step

The Balanced Scorecard project was started in May 2013.

  • The initial plan was to place strategic objectives across 4 default perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard.
  • KPIs aligned with the strategic objectives are planned to be updated daily.

Formalizing strategic objectives

The company already formalized strategic goals and is now focusing on preparing tactical and operational goals.

During the preparation phase Astec used MS Excel to define strategic objectives, and now the company is moving to use BSC Designer software for this task.

Exporting data into the Balanced Scorecard

Once the part related to strategic goals is finished, the company plans to put together all the data in one SQL database and feed this data into a Balanced Scorecard supported by BSC Designer software. IT personal of the company will prepare a new SQL database and all the procedures necessary for transferring the data from company’s business systems to the new SQL database.

Testing of the KPIs

The approach to the Balanced Scorecard implementation in Astec includes an approbation period when the KPIs introduced in the Balanced Scorecard will be tested. Once KPIs are tested and updated where necessary, top managers plan to use the BSC Designer software in the whole company.

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