Automated Strategy Audit with Strategy Quality Score

Strategy quality score analysisLet BSC Designer check the quality of your strategy map. The software will analyze your strategy map automatically and suggest some improvements.

How to Get Quality Score Calculated

To use the Strategy Quality Score, follow these steps:

    1. Sign into your account at BSC Designer Online or create a free one
    2. Create a scorecard with a strategy map

Strategy map tab in BSC Designer

    1. Check the quality score data

Click on the quality score to get more data

  1. Click on the quality score indicator for more information

How can I improve my strategy map?

Here are the suggestions based on automated analysis of your strategy map.

Recommendation: Map Your Improvement Ideas as Business Goals

Business goals are building blocks of any strategy (see step 3 of the strategic planning process). Formulate hypotheses that you plan to work on and add them to the appropriate perspective of a strategy map.

  1. Switch to the Strategy map tab
  2. Select any perspective
  3. Click Add button
  4. Enter the goal’s detail and click OK

Add business goal to a strategy map

Alternatively, you can add goals on the KPIs tab.

Recommendation: Add KPIs to Make Your Strategy More Tangible

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators help to make the goals more specific. Align indicators with your goals to track their performance.

  1. Select a business goal
  2. Click Add button
  3. Specify the name of the indicator
  4. Click OK

Add lagging indicator to a goal

Alternatively, you can add indicators directly on the KPIs tab.

Recommendation: Add Leading Indicators to Track the Activities

While lagging indicators validate the achieved results, leading indicators are linked to success factors and track your efforts towards reaching the goal.

  1. Select a business goal
  2. Click Add button
  3. Change the type of indicator to leading
  4. Click OK

Add leading indicator to a goal

Alternatively, you can change the type of indicator on the KPIs tab > Context tab.

Recommendation: Add Action Plans to Your Strategy Map

Add initiatives to your goals. Specify rationale, action plans, statuses, budgets, timelines, and persons responsible.

  1. Select a business goal
  2. Click Initiatives icon in BSC Designer Initiatives > Add Initiative
  3. Enter the details of an initiative
  4. Click OK

Add a strategic initiative to a goal

Alternatively, you can add initiatives on the KPIs tab.

Recommendation: Define Strategic Themes for Your Goals

Strategic themes are the pillars of your strategy. They work as a first filter for new ideas. They also make a strategy map more readable.

  1. Double click on a business goal
  2. Switch to the Context tab
  3. Select the appropriate strategic theme

Change strategic theme of a goal

You can define your own strategic themes and their expected results.

Recommendation: Add Mission Statement to Your Strategy

What is your mission? What is inspiring your team? Add mission statement to your strategy map.

  1. Switch to the KPIs tab
  2. Select the root element
  3. Define the mission statement below

ChanChange mission statement of an organizationge mission statement of a scorecard

You can also define strategy attributes for a specific scorecard or define them globally (see > Settings > Strategy).

Looks like your map has all the necessary components!

Keep working on your map. Here is a plan that you can follow:
8 Steps to Create a Strategy Map By BSC Designer

What’s next?

  • Use this checklist for an in-depth analysis of your strategy scorecard
  • Contact the BSC Designer team if you need any help
  • If you mastered the strategy design skill, then you can hide the quality score indicator via > Settings > Workflow

Cite as: BSC Designer Team, "Automated Strategy Audit with Strategy Quality Score," BSC Designer, November 7, 2020,