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Online wizard will help even inexperienced users to create a professional strategy map with business goals, KPIs, and initiatives.

Answer simple questions – build a professional strategy map in 6 minutes.

Designing a Good Strategy Scorecard is a Challenge

Strategy or Balanced Scorecard is a popular tool for strategy description and execution. Organizations all over the world use this framework to formulate their strategic hypothesis, present it in a visually appealing way, and communicate to the stakeholders.

Is It hard to create a good strategy scorecard? What skills should one have? Well, there are some good books on the topics, some training, and off course there are some consultants that can help with technical part and guide your team.

Automating Scorecard Design with Strategy Scorecard Wizard Help

Why not allow software to guide you through the process? A Strategy Map Wizard 2.0 does this job. It asks you several questions about the goals of your organization, ways to track them, and initiatives that you have in mind and presents all the obtained information on a strategy map.

  • The best thing is that it is free!

Anyone can use this link and start building their new strategy scorecard right now.

How the Results Look Like

Here is what the Strategy Scorecard Wizard can create for you.

Goals created with strategy wizard
A business goals structure presented in the 4 perspectives.
Strategy wizard creates initiatives for goals and KPIsIt will also align information about initiatives and action plans with your goals and KPIs.
Customize KPIs created by Strategy WizardAdjust settings of the goals and KPIs created by Strategy Wizard.
A Balanced Scorecard strategy map created by WizardA strategy map with business goals, KPIs, and initiatives.

How the Results can be Used

In the end of the process the software will create a free account for you.

  • If you like the tool you can continue using it on a free plan or upgrade to a paid plan.
  • If not, you can simply export your strategy map to a picture file, and export your KPIs to Excel.

It’s free, no strings attached!

It is Easy to Use

If you are not sure about the answers to the questions, just check the “Fill in answers with sample data” checkbox on the first step. On the next steps the software will fill in the fields with some examples, so you can simply click “Next” and see how it works.

  • If you are not sure about the answer on some step, just skip it.

Run it Several Times if Needed

With each pass the wizard covers one “branch” of the strategy. For example, if you have in mind some customer related goal and you have more than one idea about how your business can satisfy this goal, then simply run the wizard once more.

With each pass the wizard covers one “branch” of the strategy.

Start Strategy Scorecard Wizard

What Users Say

BSC Designer helped me to define strategy that I used to improve my business: understanding the way I should serve my clients and how I should direct my efforts.

Ivan Rivera, Project Manager, PMP

Despite the complex concepts behind the BSC, BSC Designer is an intuitive tool that can lead the user step-by-step from the definition of KPIs to shaping their strategic map. The wizard is a friendly tool, the tutorials are easy to understand, and all its facilities and features help to shape useful and powerful software.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some typical questions.

Is it free to use?

Yes. You build your strategy scorecard and in the end, you can create a free account with BSC Designer Online. You can use this account for 30-days without any obligations. At any time, you can export your scorecard to Excel and download your strategy map picture file.

How the answers processed?

All the answers are processed automatically by the software. The final strategy scorecard is for your eyes only and is not available publicly (unless you want to do so using the “sharing” function).

What is generated in the end?

If you answered all the questions, then you will see the results on the “Business goals,” “KPIs,” and “Strategy Map” tabs.

Can we add more perspectives?

The Wizard works with classical 4 perspectives, but you can add more perspectives if needed. Go to the “Business goals” or “KPIs” tab to change the perspectives.

How long does it take to pass through all steps?

It depends on how fast you generate the ideas. It normally takes about 5-10 minutes when key members of your team are involved in the process.

What questions does Wizard ask?

It asks questions necessary to build the strategy map, e.g. the questions about your goals, the way you plan to track their execution, and planned initiatives. Give it a try yourself!

Can we use it to brain storm new ideas about strategy?

Absolutely! The wizard will do the hard job of automation, and it will also suggest some ideas. At least it will focus your team on some typical strategic themes to look at.

Why it is 2.0?

The version 1.0. is one that existed in BSC Designer PRO for Windows (that one that Ivan Rivera wrote about above). The current version 2.0 is much better as it is:

  • Cloud-based, and
  • Suggests much better guidance for each step

How can we learn more about BSC Designer?

You can start with some training videos here.

The wizard looks nice, but we need more training about strategy/KPIs

There is some online training by the BSC Designer team, and you can find them in the Training section.

Thank you for sharing!

Whether you are looking for a professional Balanced Scorecard software, or just researching information about Balanced Scorecard and business strategies, we recommend you to download and try our BSC Designer software (no credit card is required).

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