A Deep Dive Into the Core of Strategy Execution

Jeroen De Flander – author Strategy Execution Heroes and director at The Performance Factory
Jeroen De Flander – author Strategy Execution Heroes and director at The Performance Factory and Chairman of The Institute for Strategy Execution.

Aleksey: Jeroen, congratulations on starting a great training platform around strategy execution domain. Let’s talk a little bit about the training and how it can help a typical strategy execution professional.

Jeroen: Thanks, Aleksey. It’s a pleasure to share this with your readers.

Aleksey: There is a statement that “strategy is everyone’s job.” What about your strategy execution training – is it for everyone in the organization or mostly for a CEO? Who should join?

Jeroen: This strategy execution training has been designed for a very wide audience. Depending on your level, you will pick up and focus on different topics. It ranges from Balanced Scorecard and KPI challenges, to how to set great smart goals and how to craft the perfect business strategy.

Here’s an overview of the 9 modules in the strategy execution training:

9 modules of strategy execution training

Aleksey: The training modules look like a comprehensive guide in the domain of strategy execution. What are the most important, tangible changes students can expect after passing all modules?

Jeroen: Strategy execution is a new business domain, like HR in the 60s and IT in the 80s. This course gives you an overview of the fundamentals and, if you want, a deep dive into the core of strategy execution. There are more than 30 lessons you can choose from.

There is a challenging quiz at the end. If you ace that, send me an email I told a bunch of senior people. So far, I didn’t get any J


Aleksey: The training teaches Strategy Execution Canvas methodology. How does it compare with Kaplan & Norton Balanced Scorecard and probably other frameworks?

Jeroen: Most frameworks focus on the hard side of strategy execution: KPIs, goals, decisions, actions, etc. The canvas also looks at the soft side of strategy execution. Change management is integrated. We call them the “bad guys.” There are 7 of them. And they are the reason why most strategy execution efforts fail:

7 reasons why most strategy execution efforts fail

The strategy execution canvas

your readers can download the template for free at: https://jeroen-de-flander.com

Aleksey:There are optional tests at the end of each module. Right now, it is a self-evaluation quiz. Do you plan to provide some formal certification by the Institute for Strategy Execution?

Jeroen: We do have a formal certification course. It’s linked to a 2-day master class people must go through. This online training is the first step in the process.

Aleksey:I guess many will have this question in mind when reviewing training materials: why give out such valuable information for free? What’s your business model behind this? Can larger organizations upgrade for a paid onsite training?

Jeroen: Yes, we get that question all the time. The Institute for Strategy Execution is a not-for-profit organization. We run our certification program and use the income to educate people on the importance of strategy execution.

We have a few partner organizations that deliver in-company strategy execution training using our methodology, but we don’t do this ourselves. It’s not part of our mission. We hope to inspire people with our content, so they will inspire others.

Aleksey: The number of trainees who joined the strategy execution training course is growing fast. How does a typical learning pattern look like? Do people prefer to take modules one by one, or pick the random ones? What is the most popular module?

Jeroen: Yes, we have 3,000+ students now. Most people follow the structure of the course.

Here’s a video on business strategy to give you a flavor:

What is Business Strategy? A simple business strategy definition!

Aleksey: Do you plan some live meetups or conferences for your students? In August you traditionally run a Master Class. Is it a live version of training or does it focus on some different aspects of strategy execution?

Jeroen: I have done a few podcast sessions in the past. It’s always fun to interact with fellow practitioners and get new ideas. Especially now as I’m working on a new book.

The strategy execution master class builds on the online course. It’s the next step.

Aleksey:Thank you for participating in the interview and I hope to see even more interesting modules in the training soon!

Jeroen: You’re welcome!

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